LOCAL county councillor, Jacob Williams, sent us two photos from Amroth – one he took following the recent storm damage, and the other, which he found among a box of old family photographs.

Previous generations of Cllr Williams’ family have very strong links to Amroth, and his maternal and paternal grandfathers were both born and raised there.

Cllr Williams told us: “Amroth has long borne the brunt of the bad weather and stormy seas, and whilst we might think the seafront road is in a bit of a state now, this old photo shows that it suffered far worse damage in 1931 without the better defences that are in place today.”

In the Western Telegraph's Almanach for 1931, on the whole the weather was remarkably dry across the year.

However, in November of that year, more than 12 inches of rain fell - the greatest rainfall in one month for 20 years.