From the files of the Western Telegraph: August 1954

THEY FLEW TO THE ATLANTIC: On a fine morning two Sunderland Flying Boats rose majestically from the waters of Milford Haven on their way to the Arctic Circle. Under Squadron Leader EG Bennett, they were the first of six Sunderlands to fly from Pembroke Dock during the month to collect the members of the British North Greenland Expedition who had been engaged on a survey in unexplored areas of Northern Greenland. By arrangement with the Danish Government, the two Sunderlands made a photographic survey of the Britannia Lake.

12,000 PEOPLE AT AGRICULTURAL SHOW: Although the attendance was down, due to the heavy rain on the first day, the Pembrokeshire Agricultural Society's two-day show at Kilbarth was probably the best all-round exhibition of the forty-four so far staged by the society. The cattle were possibly the best ever, while the hunters were of the exceptionally high quality one has come to expect at this event. On Wednesday, the first day of the show, 4,500 people attended but on the second day over 7,000 attended.