A NEW direct sales initiative is ‘Bringing the store to the door’ for Countrywide customers in the Carmarthen area.

Countrywide, which suppliers products and advice for the rural community, has commissioned its first direct sales van, fully stocked with farm supplies, everything from lambing kit and marker sprays to waterproofs and wellies.

On the road since November, and with account manager and fully qualified animal health specialist Laurence Williams at the wheel, the newservice is already getting a great response from local farmers.

“Going on-farm with products is ideal,” says Laurence, who is based at Countrywide’s Carmarthen store.

“Farmers can see just what they need. It’s more convenient, far less hassle, especially for those a long way from a Countrywide store. I’m getting a great response with lots of feedback about what they want to see on the van, all of which I’m taking on board. We have a strong bias towards seasonal and daily use products – parlour supplies, gels, sprays, applicator rings for lambing and household items such as washing powder – but I can always add items to the van if asked.”

Laurence, who has experience of working on sheep and beef farms, is also an AMTRA suitably qualified person, fully trained to advise and dispense animal health products such as fluke and blow-fly control.

Animal health products already bought and paid for in-store can also be delivered on-farm by Laurence.

“Farmers receive a text letting them know that I am going to be in their area,” added Laurence.

“Alot will text back asking to have certain products put on the van. This is a great way of getting to know my customers and their needs better and understanding how we can help their businesses to progress.”

Countrywide’s agriculture director Alistair Folly is delighted with the success of the service.

“It really offers our farmers the best of all worlds: a mobile store, products delivered on farm plus, what we always value most highly, the advice and support of a qualified animal health expert,” he added.

“This shows, yet again, just how determined we are to meet the needs of all our customers to the highest standard, wherever they live.”

For more information about the service go to www.countrywide farmers.co.uk.