J. J. MORRIS reports: A good entry. Prime lambs sold to a slightly easier trade than previous weeks, but averaging above the day’s national average. A few hoggets are still coming forward and cull ewes sold well.

Prime lambs (932): Standard maximum 246.6, average 230.1; medium maximum 254.7, average 238.9; heavy maximum 213.9, average 210.3.

Overall average 237.2p/kg. Top: 254.7, Windsor, Fforest Farm, Whitland.

Prime hoggets (155): Standard maximum 192.3, average 185.7; medium maximum 189.7, average 183.2; heavy maximum 184, average 178.5; others maximum 171.9, average 159.4.

Overall average 182.8p/kg. Top: 192.3, James, Ciliau Hwnt, Blaencelyn.

Cull ewes (257): Overall average £64.50. Top: £97, Phillips, Lleine, Ferwig.

Ewes and lambs (16): £131, Williams, Pengwern Uchaf, Cenarth.

Calves (18): £300, (Belgian Blue) Shepherd, Garnwen, Hebron; £295 (Belgian Blue) George, Mount, Eglwyswrw.


J. J. MORRIS reports: Another good entry of approved lambs and hoggets.

A seasonal entry of cull ewes and rams sold to a steady trade. Another good trade for all fat cattle presented.

Approved lambs and hoggets (407): Lambs: Medium maximum 239p, average 210.93p; standard maximum 233p, average 215.99p; heavy maximum 195p, average 189.02p; others maximum 176p, average 176p.

Overall average 214.46p/kg. Top: 239p, Jones, Penylan.

Hoggets: Standard maximum 206p, average 199.32p; medium maximum 205p, average 196.17p; heavy maximum 177p, average 175.17p; others maximum 181p, average 176.58p.

Overall average 192.73p/kg. Leading prices: 206p, Thomas, Flemish Close; 204p, Davies, Morfa Farm.

Non-approved sheep overall average 138p/kg.

Cull ewes and rams (170): Ewes overall average £62.25. Leading prices: £94, Kilvert, Cwmafael; £91, Monahan, Stember Farmhouse.

Rams overall average £82. Top prices: £88.50, James & Sons, Llethrach Farm; £85.50, Davies, Morfa Farm.

Fat cattle steers overall average 188p/kg. Top: 213.5p, 690kg Welsh Black, Davies & Co, Llechclawdd.

Cull cows overall average 120p or £620. Leading prices: £800, 580kg Shorthorn, Woolley, Pencraig Isaf; £660, 610kg Friesian, Davies, Brynhyfryd Farm.

Cull bull: £1,025, Woolley, Pencraig Isaf.

Ewes and lambs: £149, Jones, Brynteg, Lampeter Velfrey.


J. J. MORRIS reports: An entry of 342 head, the majority being cull ewes. A mixed entry of store lambs and ewes and lambs sold to a good trade.

Cull ewes (202): Overall average £51.50. Leading prices: £90, Price, Penralltwen, Cwmduad; £73, James, Bryngolau, Capel Iwan.

Store lambs (86): £86.50, Fitchett, Nantyweirglodd, Tegryn; £81.50, Jones, Penbanc, Tegryn.

Ewes and lambs (54): £134, Kerr, Blaenawen, Glanrhyd; £100, Fitchett, Nantyweirglodd, Tegryn.


J. J. MORRIS reports: A reduced entry for the red mart, with just 28 presented in total, but there was a good trade for anything wellfleshed.

Fat heifers: 194.5p or £1,225, Jones, Pencaerau Bach.

Overage heifers overall average 163p/kg or £1,120 per head. Leading prices: £1,225, 710kg Friesian, James & Sons, Langdon Mill; £1,195, 765kg Friesian, Morse, Capel Farm.

Barren cows overall average 123p/kg or £750 per head. Leading prices: £995, 760kg Friesian, James & Sons, Langdon Mill; £980, 695kg Friesian, Windsor & Son, Fforest Farm.


DAI LEWIS Auctioneers reports: An exceptional entry, with the quality of both prime lambs and ewes being of the highest standard. Lambs reached a very high price, with hoggets selling to a fair trade, bearing in mind the time of year. A good entry of ewes with bigger ewes sustaining a remarkable trade.

Lambs: Light maximum 217.19, average 217.19; standard maximum 244, average 238.42; medium maximum 242, average 235.96; heavy maximum 223, average 221.85.

Overall average 236.02p/kg. Leading prices: 244, Evans & son Bronwydd, Coedybryn; 244, Jones Bros, Cefnhenllan, Peniel, Carmarthen.

Hoggets: Standard maximum 83, average 83; medium maximum 167, average 158.8; heavy maximum 174, average 158.9.

Overall average 156.36p/kg. Top: 167, Howell, Tynewydd, Cynwyl Elfed.

Store hoggets overall average £27.

Top: £27, Davies, Llwynifan, Cellan.

Cull rams overall average £62.63.

Top: £70, Stebbings, Rhydybennau, Pentrecwrt.

Cull ewes: Overall average £75.50.

Top: £96.50, Jones, Blaenhirbant, Cwmsychbant.