By Meyrick Brown

Addressing the agm of the North Pembrokeshire Grassland Society the retiring chairman, Matthew Evans reflected upon another very successful year with a waiting list of new members retaining the society’s position as the largest in Wales.

Matthew commented upon his task as being a real pleasure and a truly satisfying experience and remarked that it was very gratifying to the speakers, many of whom had travelled long distances, to meet with an audience of generally more than 80 members.

The programme for the past 12 monthly meeting, mostly on the third Wednesday, and had included highly experienced advisers on grassland utilisation, fertilising, silage techniques, animal health, housing and stockmanship and also speakers on financial and legal matters.

William Lawrence was also to be congratulated on winning the All Wales Clamp Silage competition and members had agreed to donate £200 to the local Farmers in Crisis support group.

Daytime and evening visits had been made to a variety of livestock farms, including the very impressive award winning Simmental herd of a member, Mark Evans, and his wife, Emma, at Harglodd, St Davids.

Matthew also presented a report on a summer trip which he had made, with a party of members, to a group of farms in the west Midlands.

In the absence of delegate Roger Jones, the secretary Jeff Evans reported on the agm of the Welsh Federation and the contribution from a panel of speakers including Ron Mounsey (McDonalds), Terrig Morgan (dairy farmer), Mike Gooding (Ibers) and Kevin Roberts (HCC) when the absorbing topic had been the future of grassland farming.

Officials for 2017/18: Chairman – Matthew Miles, Llanstinan; vice-chairman – Mike Smith, Pelcomb Hill; secretary – Jeff Evans, Broadmoor; treasurer – Dyfrig Davies, New House; Wales Federation delegate – Roger Jones.


Overall grassland, Clamp silage and milk quality – William Lawrence.

Baled silage – Keith Williams.

Grassland – Meurig Harries.

Leys – Michael and Rowland George.