Technology that has the potential to reduce slurry’s volume by up to 80 per cent is being fine-tuned on a Welsh dairy farm.

Swansea-based Power & Water, a company specialising in electrochemical-based water treatments, is working with Gelli Aur College farm in Carmarthenshire to trial technology that filters slurry.

This de-watering and purification technique produces water of a quality suitable for recycling or discharging into watercourses.

Farm manager John Owen says slurry management is becoming a major issue for farmers and the environment.

Funding has been provided by the Welsh Government’s Rural Communities Rural Development Programme 2014-2020 to test the de-watering and purification technology at the farm.

Mr Owen said the aim is to reduce significantly the risk of air and water pollution while maximising nutrient values.

He is confident that this approach can considerably reduce slurry storage requirements.

With increasing concern over nitrate levels in waterways the developments will have implications for existing slurry storage facilities.

If the project at Gelli Aur is successful it could result in the technology being rolled out commercially.