Kefir skincare brand Chuckling Goat is donating 10 per cent of its lotion production to those battling on the NHS frontline.

Following reports NHS staff are struggling with daily skin damage due to masks and continued handwashing, the Welsh company has offered to gift hospital staff lotions free of charge.

The company, based in Brynhoffnant near Aberystwyth, will provide prebiotic kefir lotions to workers in 18 hospitals across Wales.

Chuckling Goat founder Shann Jones, said: “We received a number of enquiries from our nurses and doctors struggling with broken and sore skin due to continued handwashing and mask wearing. We have a product we knew could make a difference and help to keep the frontline healthy so decided to offer the creams proactively.

“To help our heroes in the NHS, Chuckling Goat is donating 10 per cent of its handmade lotion production. We are proud to support the NHS as they fight the coronavirus battle and save lives.”

Hand washing and using harsh sanitisers are both vital in reducing the spread of coronavirus, however they can have an adverse effect on the skin, leaving hands feeling dry, cracked and sore.

According to Dr Susan Mayou, a consultant dermatologist at the Cadogan Clinic, excessive washing depletes the skin’s natural protective barrier over time.

Chuckling Goat’s Calm Down Kefir Lotion is suitable for people who are prone to eczema and dermatitis, and is free from all perfumes, dyes, parabens, petrochemicals or phthalates.

The lotion is handmade in small batches on the family farm with soothing goats’ milk, rice bran oil, olive oil, probiotic kefir and lavender essential oil that gives it a delicate pleasant scent and a therapeutic healing boost for dry and chapped skin. Also suitable for use as a facial moisturiser to help prevent and treat spots and rashes caused by PPI.

NHS staff can request product directly with Chuckling Goat