March 16th

J. J Morris reports: A good trade in all sections. Atore cattle numbers were down, but there was a fast trade. The barren cow section is improving, with a buoyant trade and the best calves were again in great demand.

Store cattle/weaned calves (63) steers: £800, Phillips, Tredafydd Isaf, Pontfaen. Heifers: £610, Jenkins, Fronlas, Rhosfach.

Barren cows/overage cattle (48): £1,190, Wilson, 13 Llaindrigarn, Crymych.

Calves (27) bulls: £275, Bevan, Penymynydd Mawr, Puncheston. Heifers: £168, Jones, Pantyrhendy, Llanarth.

Hoggets (267) overall average 168.6p. Top: 185.3, Stephens, Blaenarthen, Brongest.

Store lambs (29): £59, Stephens, Blaenarthen, Brongest.

Cull ewes (108): £100, Davies, Canllefaes Uchaf, Penparc.

Ewes and lambs (133) doubles: £166 Eynon, Glangwaun, Gwaun Valley. Singles: £160, Williams, Cwmbran, Velindre.

In-lamb ewes (20): £90, £60, £52, Carlile, Helyg Fawr, Aberporth.

Newcastle Emlyn

March 17th

Dai Lewis Auctioneers reports: A seasonal entry in all sections (257). Less barren cows but an improved trade, and weaned calves and store cattle met another fast run.

Barrens (42) overall average £773.28. Top: £1,030, Jenkins, Penwern Fawr, Cwmcou, Newcastle Emlyn.

Overage heifers: £820, Davies, Blaendyffryn, Horeb.

In-calf Hereford heifer, £535, Howes, Tyhen, Tanglwst, Newcastle Emlyn.

Weaned calves bulls: £435, James, Pensarnddu Uchaf, Tanygroes, Cardigan.

Steers overall average £531. Top: £680, Davies, Cwmmarch, Ffostrasol.

Heifers overall average £412. Top: £540, Walters, Garidfa, Cwmduad.

Store cattle steers overall average £775.09. Top: £1,155, Vought, Blaenffos, Newcastle Emlyn.

Heifers overall average £620.59. Top: £975, Jones, Rhydowen, Pontsian.


March 17th

BJP reports: An improved entry of store cattle (148) with more medium sized stores.

Top priced steers: £845, £830, £770, £745, Merriman, Kilgetty; £785, Lewis, Tufton; £780, Batchelor, Pembroke Dock.

Heifers: £710, Batchelor, Pembroke Dock; £640, Edwards, Manorbier; £645, Thomas, Tufton.

Cull cows (8): Less cows but trade improving.

A 785kg Friesian cow sold for £925 from Lewis, Stoney Hook. Maximum price per kilo 118p, average 112p. Average per head £753.

Calves (22): A small entry sold to a fantastic trade. Bulls: Simmental, £262, Limousin £198, Friesian £168.

Heifers: Belgian Blue, £202, Hereford £190.


MARCH 17th

J. J. Morris reports: A good entry of hoggets and ewes and lambs sold to a brisk trade. Barren cows sold to a good average, and calves sold to a good trade.

Lambs (685) overall average 170p/kg. Top: 182p, Morgan, Hampstead.

Non-approved lambs sold to £54.20 and averaged £49.

Cull ewes and rams (397): Ewes: £110, Rees, Avola Farm. Rams: £65, Jones, Pencaerau Bach.

Wethers: £80, Anthony and partners.

Barren cows overall average 101.43p/kg. Top: 123p, Davies, Cilau Fawr.

Fat cattle: 142.50p, Reynolds, Pentroydin.

Calves bulls: £232, Dent and son, Maen-Coch. Heifers: £235, Roberts, Brynaeron.


March 18th

BJP reports: Another good entry of excellent dairy cattle (47) resulted in a brisk trade throughout.

Cows (7) average £1,315, maximum £1,950; heifers (18) average £1,640, maximum £2,220; recorded cows (3) average £1,680, maximum £1,900; recorded heifers (8) average £1,808, maximum £2,020; in-calvers (8) average £1,000, maximum £1,300; bulling heifers (5) average £380, maximum £380.

Top prices: £2,220, Jones, The Elms; £2,020, Jones, Cilfeithy Uchaf; £2,020, Williams, Troedyrhiw.

Calves (339) bulls: £330, Watkins, Trewern; £320, Rees, Pantyryn; £310, Lloyd, Pantmarchog.

Heifers: £308, Rees, Pantryn; £300, Davies, Barre Farm; £258, Lloyd, Pontmarchog.


March 18th

J. J. Morris reports: A good entry of sheep (1,200) with a fast trade in all sections. Lambs saw the most buoyant trade, the cull ewe section saw a mixed entry, and ewes and lambs were again in great demand.

Store lambs (723): £81, Reynolds, Hafod, Hebron; £78, Bowen, Silver Hill, Walwyns Castle; £76.50, Bowen, Marsh Farm, Tenby.

Ewes and lambs (121): £150, James, Tycoch, Llandissilio; £136, Williams, Ty Isaf, Llanwnda; £100, Roberts, Tregynnon, Croesgoch.

Cull ewes and rams (373): £94, Winsor, Plas Pantsaeson, Moylegrove; £88, Bowen, Silver Hill, Walwyns Castle; £78, Thomas, Parc Clement, Boncath.

Newcastle Emlyn

March 19th

Dai Lewis Auctioneers reports: Similar entries in all sections (826). Hoggets saw another fast run for all categories, stores saw a similar trade, while culls held to recent strong levels.

Hoggets overall average 170.1 p/kg. Top: 185, Davies, Trefaes Fawr, Beulah, Newcastle Emlyn.

Store hoggets overall average £39.94. Top: £57, Williams, Aelybryn, Penparc Road, Cardigan.

In-lamb ewes overall average £55.60. Top: £62, Williams, Aelybryn, Penparc Road, Cardigan.

Cull rams overall average £55.17. Top £62, Bowen, Blaenparsel, Talog, Carmarthen.

Ewes overall average £70.34. Top price: £120, Davies, Cwmcynin, Llwyndafydd, New Quay.


March 19th

BJP reports: Barren and over 30 month cattle (81): Tested barren cows (32) average £590, maximum £880; untested barren cows (47) average £648, maximum £1,000; bulls (2) average £935, maximum £940.

Store cattle (368) overall average £579.85. Top: £950, Davies, Nant Farm. Heifers: £825, Jones, Faenog Uchaf.

Sheep (554) overall average £160.35. Hoggets: 1-25.4kg (11) average 124p, maximum 146p, Davies, Nantclawdd Uchaf; 25.5-32kg (71) average 158p, maximum 162p, Thomas, Cwmmawr; 32.1-39kg (139) average 158p, maximum 174p, Elliot, Windmillwood; 39.1-45.5kg (91) average 169p, maximum 179p, Evans, Llwyndu Farm; 45.6-52kg (6) average 153p, maximum 172p, Phillips, Upper Portclew Farm.

Butchers ewes (167) average £47, maximum £85, Thomas, Cilgwyn Uchaf. Butchers rams (6) average £50, maximum £67, Morgan, Pantarfon.

Ewes and lambs (63) average £76, maximum £123, Eynon, Glan Gwaun.