When word got out that Eric and Sue Scourfield were building a hydrotherapy pool at their riding stables many people assumed it was intended for horses.

But the pool is in fact designed for people, and someone who will directly benefit is Eric and Sue’s son, Calum.

He was born with cerebral palsy but his mobility is greatly improved when he spends time in a hydrotherapy pool.

The Scourfields, who farm as well as running the Pembrokeshire Riding Centre at Hundleton, thought that both Calum and other people with disabilities would benefit if they had access to such a facility.

They were able to secure a farm diversification grant through Farming Connect to pay for 30% of the cost of the project.

It has been built on a greenfield site on their farm and taken four years to complete, but they are now ready to throw the doors open to the public.

All the features have been carefully designed to make use easy and enjoyable for people with disabilities and their carers.

“Our experiences with Calum gave us an insight into how incorporating certain features would make it easy and comfortable to use,” says Sue.

One of the most important features of the new facility is the temperature — of both the water and the building itself.

The water in the pool is kept at a constant temperature of 36ºc and the surroundings are also very warm.

“Being carers ourselves we know what we want for Calum,” Eric says.

“We know it is important that when someone gets out of the pool they don’t get cold otherwise it negates all the good work that being in the water does for relaxing muscles, improving circulation and helping mobility.”

The Scourfields say there is a marked improvement in Calum’s mobility when he has been in the pool.

“He is able to walk much easier and instead of his stance being stooped he can stand up straight,” says Sue.

“Although it needs two people to help him into the pool he has complete freedom to move when he is in the water.”

The water is sourced from a spring on the farm and bromine is added instead of chlorine.

“We feel this is a much kinder product than chlorine and just as effective,” says Sue.

They are hoping that pregnant women, parents with babies and young children, and the elderly will take advantage of the pool, which also features a jacuzzi.

o Diversification: A hydrotherapy pool is a new venture for Eric and Sue Scourfield.