May 2nd

J J Morris reports: Grazing cows and overage cattle (24): A moderate entry of cows was seen selling to an average of 98.76p/kg or £544/head. Cows peaked at 133p/kg for a 690kilo Limousin from Phillips, Esgerddeugoed.

Other leading prices p/kg included 131p for a 590kg Limousin from Davies, Clunperffaith; 124p for a 535kg Limousin from Williams, Blaenlliwe; 110p for a 555kg Limousin from Bush, Blaendyflin; 110p for a 590kg Lincoln Red from Evans, Fron Farm; 99p for a 630kg Holstein Friesian from Picton-Davies and Son, Hendre Farm who also sold a 555kg Holstein Friesian at 94p.

Overage steers averaged 114p/kg and £760/head while heifers averaged 118p/kg and £550/head. Top price p/kg included 148p for a 460kg Limousin heifer from John, Tycwta; other leading prices p/kg included 118p for a 650kg Friesian steer from Morris, Rushmoor who also sold a 450kg AA heifer at 111p and a 680kilo Friesian at 110p. Prices peaked at £770 for a 650kg Friesian steer from Morris, Rushmoor who also sold a 680kg Friesian steer at £750 and AA heifers weighing 450kg and 480 kg at £500 and £470 respectively; £680 for a 460kg Limousin heifer from John, Tycwta.

Stores (530): A good entry of cattle sold to an average of £500 while steers averaged £597. Bulls peaked at £750. Steers sold to a top price of £945 while heifers topped at £910 for a pair of BBs from Jones and Son, Pantgwyn.

Heifers (273): £850, Limousin, Phillips, Esgerddeugoed; £835, Limousin, Hains, Old Church; £790, Hereford, Thomas, Penygraig Farm. Steers (246): £945, Limousin, Roberts, Parke; £945, Charolais, Rees and Son, Dudwell; £915, Limousin, Rees, Lower Hasguard Farm; £900, Limousin, Davies, Hafod.

Bulls (11): £750, Limousin, Bush, Blaendyflin; £720, Limousin, Thomas, Penygraig Farm; £560 Evans, Fron Farm.

Suckler cows, in-calvers (13): A small entry of suckler cows was seen selling to a brisk trade with cows peaking at £1,420 for a Simmental from Edwards, Clover Hill. Other leading prices included £1,360 for a Limousin from Tanner, Gelli March Farm; £1,350 for a Limousin from James and Son, Awelfryn; £1,340 for a Limousin from Thomas, Gellideg.

Bulls (2): Two strong Charolais breeding bulls were forward selling to a top of £1,580 from Howells, Llettywilws.

Sheep section (55): A smaller entry of ewes and lambs. Top price of £101 went to Edwards, Penbryn Park. Other leading prices included £99, Davies, Croesfaen; £99, Griffiths, Glyncemaes; £90, Edward, Penbryn Park; £88, Toddingtons Ltd, Castle Cenlas; £87, Evans, Huelfa Lodge; £87, Jones and Randall, Rhandir; £81, James, Lambrough; £80, Phillips, Deers Park Farm; £78, Jones, Maesyrhaf.


MAY 4th

J J Morris reports: Despite it being a bank holiday, there was a good turnout in all sections. Store cattle once again sold well, with the best steers peaking at £835 and averaging £630, heifers topped at £865, and averaged £595. Barren cows were similar to the previous market, with a top price of £940 (134p per kilo). Calves were in great demand, with the best bull calves peaking at £320, and heifers at £238.

In the sheep section, full to capacity, with over 200 spring lambs forward, a steady trade was evident throughout, with a maximum price of 222.3p per kilo, and averaging 207.1p.

Hoggets were very mixed quality, but sold to a good trade, with the best peaking at 189.0p per kilo and an average of 158.3p. Cull ewes were on par with national trends, with the best topping at £84, and averaging £58.50. Ewes and lambs are still selling well, with the best making £144, and averaging £103.50.

Store cattle/weaned calves (73): Steers: £835 Morgan, Cwrt, Eglwyswrw; £800 Williams, Parcyperson, Llwyndrain; £770 Griffiths, Graig, Ferwig; £770 Purcell, Llethr Mawr, Ffostrasol; £770 Morris, Tyriet, Pontfaen.

Heifers: £865 Davies, Bryncoed, Felindre Farchog; £850 Davies, Waunmeindy, Sarnau; £750 Purcell, Llethr Mawr, Ffostrasol; £735 Morgan, Cwrt, Eglwyswrw; £660 Vaughan, Glasdir, Blaenffos.

Cull cows (52): £940 Jones, Alltycordde, Glynarthen; £845 Jones, Rhydfechan, Llanarth; £825 Chetwynd Farms Ltd, Llwyncelyn, Mydroilyn; £790 James, Oernant, Rhoshill; £720 Reed, Rhosygadair Fawr, Blaenannerch; £715 Thomas, Great Letterston, Letterston.

Calves (31): Bulls: £320 (BB) Lloyd, Tegfan, Llanarth; £260 (BB) Jones, Pensarnddu Fach, Tanygroes; £235 (BB) Jones, Pantyrhendy, Llanarth; £195 (BB) Parkes, Pengaer, Eglwyswrw; £168 (Hfd) Morgan, Cwrt, Llanarth.

Heifers: £238 (BB) Parkes, Pengaer, Eglwyswrw; £226 (Lim) George, Goitre, Boncath; £188 (BB) Jones, Pantyrhendy, Llanarth; £172 (BB) Evans, Gorwel, Bryngwyn; £170 (BB) Jones, Pensarnddu Fach, Tanygroes; £170 (Hfd) Morgan, Cwrt, Llanarth.

Sheep section: Spring lambs (203) overall average 207.1p. Top prices: 222.1 214.3 214.0 213.2, Reed, Rhosygadair, Blaenannerch; 209.0 Davies, Pontgarreg, Penrherber; 214.0 205.1 Monahan, Stember Farm, Rose Hill.

Hoggets (391): Overall average 158.3p: Top prices: 189.0 168.9 168.0 Phillips, Trewilym Isaf, Eglwyswrw; 162.0 160.3 Tygwyn Farms Ltd, Tygwyn; 170.7 Davies, Trefere Uchaf, Penparc.

Cull ewes (109): £84 Jones, Penralltygwin, Beulah; £69 Davies, Troedrhiw Fach, Blaencelyn; £75 Reed, Rhosygadair, Blaenannerch; £69 Jenkins, Pantyrhodyn, Brongest; £73.50 Davies, Penlanwynt, Pontfaen; £68.50 Eynon, Glangwaun, Gwaun Valley.

Ewes and lambs (59): £144 James, Henbant, Lledrod; £100 Jones, Garnwen, Penuwch; £115 Phillips, Nantymynydd, Pontfaen.


MAY 5th

J J Morris reports: Lambs and hoggets (615): The best hoggets sold to a top of 176p/kg or £83.50/head with the medium weight lambs selling to 171p/kg and £70/head. An improved entry of new season lambs was seen selling to a top of 227p/kg and £90/head. The overall average for new seasons was 209p/kg while hoggets averaged 161.71p/kg.

Non approved lambs sold to a top of £56 or 161p/kg while selling to an average of £45.50 or 143.79p/kg.

Cull ewes and rams (303): A moderate entry of ewes with the best peaking at £95/head with the heavier type ewes selling to an average of £51.66 while the lighter ewes averaged £20.36 and rams averaging £47.36.

Barren cows (11): A small entry of cows selling to an average of 105.68p/kg or £650/headd.

Calves: An improved entry of calves with bull calves selling to a top of £250 for a Limousin from Jones and Sons, Hackett Farm. Other leading bull prices included £200 for a Hereford from Reynolds, Sarland; £72 for a Shorthorn from Woolley, Pencraig Isaf. Heifers sold to a top of £205 for a Limousin from Evans, Waterholmes Farm.


May 6th

BJP reports: Dairy cattle (117): Maximum prices: Dairy cows (18) £1,600; Dairy heifers (20) £1,850; Recorded cows (3) £1,200; Recorded heifers (9) £1,850; In calvers (11) £1,000; Bulling heifers (45) £710; Recorded youngstock (11) £810.

Top prices: £1,850, Jones, Cilfeithy Uchaf; £1,850, Davies, Heatherton Farm; £1,800, Jones Pengelli Uchaf; £1,780, Kenniford, Green Gables; £1,620, Jones, The Elms.

Calf breed report and maximum prices (412): Bulls: Freisian (151) £138, Morris, Parc y Nole; Belgian Blue (36) £385, Davies, Glanrwyth; Hereford (Cross) (25) £330, Cwmnant Calves Ltd; Charolais (11) £302, Jones, Maesymeillion; Simmental (5) £298, Green, Shipping Farm; Aberdeen Angus (5) £198, James, Minwear Farm; Meuse Rhine Issel (1) £185, Hughes, Caeaunewydd; Welsh Black (2) £112, Hancock, Penllwyn. Heifers: Belgian Blue (38) £328, Griffiths, Waunifor; Hereford (Cross) (8) £170, Llewellyn, Tyr Nant; Charolais (6) £250, Harries, Velindre; Simmental (8) £260, Morris, Beulah Fawr; Limousin (34) £245, Davies, Tycoch; Aberdeen Angus (10) £135, Evans, Henbant; Friesian (10) £300, Thomas, Pantscawen.