May 19th

BJP reports: Store cattle (94): Less cattle forward with trade remaining brisk especially for small stores with a full compliment of buyers around the ring. Best price of £895 for 24-month-old Charolais steers sold by Price, The Bill, Wolfscastle.

He also sold some 22-month-old Hereford steers for £865. Top price for Lim heifers aged 20 months was £735 sold by George, Scleddau.

Leading prices: Charolais steers 14 months £570; Charolais steers 11 months £580; Lim steers 12 months £545; Sim heifers 21 months £690; Hereford heifers 22 months £620; Lim heifers 18 months £545; Lim heifers 9 months £415.

Cull cows (17): Trade continues to improve Simmental steer aged 40 months weighing 695kilo sold for £965 from Raymond, Long House. A Friesian cow weighing 695kilos sold for £850 from Thomas, Bryngwyn, Welsh Hook with others to £840, £770.

Max price per kilo 139, average 119, average per head £703.

Calves (52): Another good entry.

Bel Blue bull 268 Thomas, Maesygarreg; Simmental bull 248 Bennett, South dairy; Lim bull 230 James Barretts Hill; Antgus bull 218 Simons, Coxlake, Narberth; Lim heifers 232, 228 Adams, Little Rathe; Friesian bull 70, 62 Johns, Carne Farm.


May 26th

BJP reports: Store cattle (68): Numbers down because of the fine harvesting weather with trade on a par with previous weeks.

Top price of £850 for 24-month-old Charolais steers sold again by John Price, The Bill, Wolfscastle. Best price Charolais heifers aged 24 months sold for £725 from Price.

Lim steers 25 months £735; Hereford steers 24 months £745; Hereford steers 19 months £615; Angus steers 16 months £610; Welsh Black steers 18 months £610; Lim steers 19 months £610; Lim steers 21 months £655; Lim heifers 24 months £605; Hereford heifers 17 months £550.

Cull cows (12): Less cull cows with trade remaining brisk. Top price of £1040 for a 800kilo Bel Blue cow sold by Williams, Swmbarch. A Lim cow weighing 730kilo sold for £905.

Max per kilo 130 pence, average per head £705.

Calves (21): Max price of 295 for a Bel Blue bull sold by Jenkins, Stemlier, Hereford bull 265, Simmental heifer 210.


May 27th

J.J. Morris reports: With over 400 head forward, a good trade was evident throughout all sections. Cull ewes peaked at £82, with Welsh ewes peaking at £54. Lambs, again, sold well, with the best topping at £78, and hoggets at £74. A large entry of ewes and lambs forward, selling to a brisk trade.

Cull ewes (237): £82 Morgan, Pencefn, Ferwig; £75 Johns, Llanferran, Goodwick; £67 Boak, Penwenallt, Cilgerran; £65 Sandbrook, Anneddwen, Crymych; £65, £50 Thomas, 26 Flemish Close, St. Florence; £67 Lane and Flook, Penlon, Bowls Road; £58 Roberts, Tregynnon, Croesgoch; £57 Griffiths, Glyncemaes, New Moat; £55 Bryan, Dale Hill Farm, Dale; £54 Beynon, Rhydygath, Llanfyrnach.

Ewes and lambs (147): £136 Benjamin, Abercarfan, Tregaron; £125 Raymond, Long House, Mathry; £114 Davies, Nantyfen, Cwmduad; £100 Roberts, Tregynnon, Croesgoch.

Lambs/hoggets (34): £78 Hancock, Thornbush, Camrose; £75.50 Thomas, Penygarn, Ambleston; £74 Beynon, Rhydygath, Llanfyrnach; £69.50 Thomas, Graig, Hebron.


May 27th

BJP reports: Dairy cattle (47): This week saw a larger entry of dairy cattle entered at Carmarthen mart with trade remaining strong. Nine commercial cows and 21 commercial heifers averaged £1,262 and £1,512 along with two recorded cows and two recorded heifers averaging £1,375 and £1,765.

Joint top price of the day came in at £2,100 and went to Jones, The Elms and Harries, Coedcyw Mill for two commercial heifers both giving between 6.5 to 7 gallons daily.

They were closely followed by Jones, Penyclun and his non-pedigree first calver. She made £2,080.

Meanwhile in the recorded section top pirce went to Jones, The Elms and Bwlchyrhos Milestone Clariss, a pedigree first calver out of Bwlchyrhos Flight Clariss and sired by Crichel Milestone, She sold for £1,980.