J.J. Morris reports a good turn-out in all sections, selling to a brisk trade throughout. Hoggets were still selling well for the time of year. Cull ewes again met a strong trade. A few less calves forward.

Prime lambs (541) overall average 204.1p. Top prices-220.2, 213.1, 210.1 Reed, Rhosygadair, Blaenannerch; 208.0, 207.5, 206.2, 206.1 Davies, Glanyfer, Crosswell; 213.7, 213.0 Davies, Pontgarreg, Penrherber.

Hoggets (57) overall average 155.7p. Top prices-174.1, 157.0 Davies, Tynewydd, Blaenannerch;156.0 Morris, Castell Malgwyn, Llechryd; 165.1, 165.0 Tygwyn Farms Ltd, Ferwig.

Cull ewes (193) £97.50, £87, £81 Jones, Penralltygwin, Beulah; £85, £80 James, Ciliau Hwnt, Blaencelyn; £95.50 Davies, Goglwyd, Llangoedmor.

Calves (18) £278 (Lim) Jones, Pistyll Celyn, Llanarthney; £262 £260 (Lim) Davies, Penrhiwlas, Llanarth; £226 (BS).Picton, Tymawr, Boncath.



J. J. Morris reports an improved entry of spring lambs forward including 935 lambs and 38 hoggets. The overall market average for the spring lambs was 195.71p/kg. The overall average for hoggets was144.37p/kg.

New season lambs: 40k James, 1 Green Park 219p; 38.5k Evans, Frondeg 212p; 40k Thomas, Lanygors 209p.

Non approved lambs sold to a top of £40/head and 119p/kg.

Hoggets: 43.5k Thomas, 26 Flemish Close, 157p; 37.5k, Bussell, St Kennox Farm 155p; 37.5k Gilfach Farms Ltd, Gilfach Farm 131p.

Cull ewes and rams (211): A smaller entry of ewes and rams was seen this week selling to a good trade throughout with the greatest demand being for the heavier type ewes. Ewes peaked at £112.50 for a Suffolk from Saer, Rhosgoch. Other leading prices included £99.50 again for Suffolks from Williams and Son, Cilowen who also sold at £89.50; £95.50 from Howells and Sons, Sarnlas Farm.

Fat cattle: Two Limousin steers from Merriman, Lower Coachlands Farm both weighing 730 kilos sold at 157.50p/kg and 149.50p/kg and to a head of £1149 and £1,091.

Barren cows (8): A small entry of cows forward. A good average due to the fact that all cows forward were dairy bred. Leading prices p/kg included: Fri 126p@ 515k, Fri 121p @ 635k, Scourfield, Parc-y-Pwll; Fri 125p @ 590k Davies & Co, Llechclawdd; Fri 114p @ 695k Sillars, Clynblewog.

Calves: Bulls sold to a top price of £272 for a Limousin from Evans, Waterholmes Farm. Holstein Friesians sold to a top of £20 from Jones & Sons, Hackett Farm. Heifers peaked at £210 for a Limousin from Harts, Lanes End Farm.

Newcastle Emlyn

May 26th

Dai Lewis Auctioneers reports seasonal numbers forward in all sections (207). Barrens saw another brisk trade for all categories. Stores and weaned calves saw a fluid run throughout, and cows and calves saw a fast run, with demand exceeding supply. A special entry of Friesian in-calf heifers saw a fast run.

In-calf heifers overall average £1,072. £1,240, £1,230(2), £1,100 etc Davies, Blaendyffryn, Horeb, Llandysul.

Barren cows (44) overall average £684; £1,130, £990 Davies, Cwmwernen, Llanpumsaint, Carmarthen; £990, £880, £590 Thomas, Pantfeillionen, Horeb, Llandysul; £980 Davies, Glanwern, Felinfach, Lampeter.

Barren bulls: £870 (Friesian) - Jones, Eithinduon Uchaf, Meidrim, Carmarthen.

Stock bulls: £1,400 (BB) Davies, Moelifor, Talgarreg, Llandysul.

Young bulls: £920, £880 Lewis, Penrhiw, Pencader Rd, Llandysul.

Cows and calves overall average £1,046; £1440 Jenkins, Penwern Fawr, Cwmcou, Newcastle Emlyn; £920 Rees Tafarnscawen, Plwmp, Llandysul; £780 George, Ferryside Farm, Ferryside, Carmarthen.

Weaned calves: Bulls overall average £383.50. £445(4) Thomas, Erwlon, Llandysul; £322(2) Biggs, Bronant, Croeslan, Llandysul.

Steers overall average £516. £730(2), £582, £550 Griffiths, Gelligynnar Isaf, Felindre, Llandysul; £730, £728, £640, £525 Lewis, Stradmore Farm, Cenarth, Newcastle Emlyn; £572 Francis, Pantyrhebog, Felindre.

Heifers overall average £418. £540, £500, £450, £420 Davies, Cwmmarch, Ffostrasol; £515(2) Francis, Pantyrhebog, Felindre; £495(2), £435, £425(2) Williams and Alcock, Waunlwyd, Hermon, Cynwyl Elfed.

Store Cattle: Steers overall average £655. £900 Davies, Llwynwernen, Llanpumsaint; £848, £770 etc Fairbairn, 6 Llysgwyn, Ffostrasol; £745(2) Picton, Tymawr, Boncath.

Heifers overall average £563. £675 Evans, Garth, Caerwedros, New Quay; £650 Jones, Bronwion, Beulah; £640, £580 Fairbairn, 6 Llysgwyn, Ffostrasol.


MAY 27th

J.J. Morris reports - A good trade was evident throughout all sections. Lambs, again, sold well. A large entry of ewes and lambs forward, selling to a brisk trade.

Cull ewes (237) £82, £72, £57 Morgan, Pencefn, Ferwig; £67, £61.50, Lane and Flook, Penlon, Bowls Road; £75, £54 Johns, Llanferran, Goodwick.

Ewes and lambs (147) £136, £120, £100, £98 Benjamin, Abercarfan, Tregaron; £114 Davies, Nantyfen, Cwmduad; £125, £119, £103, £95 Raymond, Long House, Mathry.

Lambs/hoggets (34) £78 Hancock, Thornbush, Camrose; £74 Beynon, Rhydygath, Llanfyrnach; £75.50 Thomas, Penygarn, Ambleston.



A smaller entry of 54 cattle was seen this month compared to previous months including 41 cull cows, two cull bulls, seven overage steers and heifers and four underage cattle from herds under TB restrictions. Barren cows and bulls (43): Cows top price p/kg of 124p for a 660 kilo Limousin from John, Pensarn; 121p 680 kilo Holstein Friesian Hughes, Glanbrydan; 120p 665 kilo BB Davies, Tyllwyd.

Bulls sold to 115p for a 640 kilo Holstein Friesian Gibbon, Parc-y-Berllan; 110p 800 kilo Hereford Griffiths, Penlan.

Overage cattle (7): Overage steers peaked at 144p 655 kilo Limousin Owen, Canerw. £945 655 kilo Limousin and £890 635 kilo Limousin both Owen, Canerw. Heifers peaked at 132p for a 510 kilo Simmental Davies, Mount Pleasant who also sold a 450 kilo Simmental at 122p; 119p for a 615 kilo Holstein Friesian Iscoed Farms Ltd, Iscoed Uchaf.

Fat cattle (4): A small entry of fat cattle selling to a top of 143.50p for a 630 kilo BB heifer Griffiths, Penlan. 142.50p 610 kilo BB steer Owen, Canerw; 136.50p 625 kilo Simmental steer Davies, Mount Pleasant.

Newcastle Emlyn

May 28th

Dai Lewis Auctioneers reports a larger entry of new season lambs forward, with hoggetts seeing a seasonal decrease, and with a similar number of culls presented. New season lambs saw a faster run to the previous day’s trading. Hogs saw a steady run, and culls maintained recent strong level.

Sheep (1055). New season lambs overall average 200.20 p/kg. 314.4, 197.7 Davies, Gwndwn, New Inn, Pencader; 212.7, 210.9, 197.2 Evans, Cribor Fach, Pontsian, Llandysul; 211.2, 208.4, 202.6 Evans, Nantygwyddau, Pontsian, Llandysul.

Store Lambs overall average £55; £61.00 Thomas, 32 Y Rhos, Cardigan; £58.50 George, Llwynllwyd Fach, Penparc; £56 Davies, Maesygelli, Beulah.

Hoggets overall average 132.4. 142.0 138.0 Belgrove, Aberdyfnant, Llanfyrnach; 124.6 Howell, Tynewydd, Cynwyl Elfed; 123.6 Smith, Blaenffynnon, Talog, Carmarthen.

Culls: Ewes overall average £50.53. £100.00 (2) Davies, Cwmcynon, Llwyndafydd; £84.00 £80.00 £65.00 Jones, Penparc, Rhydlewis; £73.50 Wyse, Blaenwthan, Saron, Llandysul. Rams overall average £40.50. Top £84 Davies, Llwndafydd.