J. J. Morris reports another busy market, with more than 1,300 head of sheep, 58 store cattle, 46 barren cows and 27 calves. Store cattle met a strong trade for all sorts.

Barren cows once again proved to be in great demand, with a fast trade throughout.

Calves, as in previous weeks, sold to a strong trade. Prime lambs met a steady trade, with numbers increasing weekly. There was a record entry of over 600 cull ewes, selling to a good trade. Ewes and lambs again sold well.

Store cattle/weaned calves (58). Yearlings: £585, £575, £520 Owen, Cil-llech, Newcastle Emlyn; £560, £555, £530, £480 Carlile, Helyg Fawr, Aberporth; £525 Williams, Treysgaw, Hebron.

Stores: £940 £680 Evans, Ty Isaf, Cwmfelin Mynach; £755, £705, £650 Lewis, Morfa Uchaf, Newport; £740 Smith, Dringo Bryn, Plwmp.

Barren cows (46): £960 Jones, Waundwni, Aberporth; £920, Eaton, Blaenllyn, Llangolman; £900 Jennings, Castellan, Blaenffos.

Prime heifer: £869 James, Penlan, Llechryd.

Calves (27): £300 (BB) Lloyd, Tegfan, Llanarth; £290, £225, £168 (Lim) Lewis, Ffosdwn, Dihewyd; £278, £270, £232 (BB) Fforest Farms Ltd, Newport.

Sheep. Prime lambs (607) overall average 192.1p: 204.1 James, Hendrewen, Fishguard; 200.3 Evans, Garn, Blaencelyn; 200.2 Williams, Parcyperson, Llwyndrain.

Hoggets (78) overall average 140.3p: 162.1, 145.0 Linfoot, Bigni, Ferwig; 159.0, 153.3 Evans, Cilfallen, Cwmcoy; 147.0 Morgan, Plasyberth, Brynberian.

Cull ewes (611): £82 £70 Reed, Rhosygadair, Blaenannerch; £81.50 Evans, Delfryn, Brynhoffnant; £80 Davies, Rhandir, Tremain.

Ewes and lambs (14): £166, £146, £128, £118, James, Close, Rhoshill; £105, £92, £80 Simms, Blaenwinllan, Glynarthen.


JUNE 2nd

J. J. Morris reports: A much improved entry of nearly 1,000 spring lambs was seen this week together with 44 hoggets. The overall market average for the spring lambs was a little steadier this week.

New season lambs: 42k Morgan, Upper Bletherston 207p/kg; 39k Davies, Wernlwyd 206p/kg; 40k Bowen, Kyngadle Farm 203p/kg. Spring lambs overall average 191.29p/kg.

Hoggets overall average 107.76/kg. 51k Jones and Randall, Rhandir 147p; 48.5k Morris, Clynpebyll 128p; 46k Rowe, Rhyndaston 125p.

Cull ewes and rams (415): A very good entry of ewes and rams was seen this week nearly double from the previous week. Ewes sold to a steadier trade throughout which saw the heavier type ewes average £46.65 while the lighter ewes and rams averaged £26.73 and £53.35 respectively. Ewes peaked at £72.50 from Richards and Son, Penybanc Farm. With other leading prices at £66 from Jones, Pencaerau Bach; £64 from James, Pengawse.

Rams sold to a top price of £67.50 from Rowe, Rhyndaston who also sold at £65. Other leading ram prices included £61.50 from Bussell, St Kennox Farm; £60 from Windsor & Son, Fforest Farm.

Fat cattle. A 460 kilo Simmental steer from Colledge, Gwarmacwydd sold to 126.50p/kg or £581/head.

Barren cows. A small entry of good quality beef cows forward selling to an average of 118.95p/kg or £772/head. BB 129p/750k Prichard, Calcut; AA 121p/555k Kudelski, Brondeg; Hereford 121p/535k Nicholas, Dynaston.

Calves. Bulls sold to a top price of £230 for a BB from Thomas, Little Pale who also sold at £165. Other leading bull prices included £80 for a Holstein Friesian from Davies, Brynhyfryd Farm who also sold Holstein Friesians at £12 and £10; £50 for an AA from Smith, Ffoswinau Farm.

Newcastle Emlyn

June 4th

Dai Lewis Auctioneers reports similar numbers forward in all sections. Lambs saw a slower run as per national trends, with emphasis being on medium weight ranges, and quality overall. Stores saw a brisk run for the quality forward, and culls maintained a strong run. Vendors were drawn from a wide radius.

Sheep (1,122). Lambs overall average 185.0p/kg. Leading prices: 2206.0 Davies, 17 Parcyrhydd, Ciliau Aeron, Lampeter; 201.9, 196.6, 191.0, Davies, Tyngrug Uchaf, Cwmsychbant, Llanybydder; 199.5, 185.0 Williams, Twmpath, Talog, Carmarthen.

Store lambs overall average £32.90. Top £40.50 Thomas, Cwmhyar, Tregroes, Llandysul.

Hoggets. Standard max and average 103.0 Moore, Nantypopty, Coedybryn, Llandysul.

Culls. Rams overall average £46.13; £69 Williams, Cwmbran, Felindre, Llandysul; £51 Leaney, Cruglas, Synod Inn, Llandysul; £50 Dunbar, Pengwern Ganol, Penrherber, Newcastle Emlyn.

Ewes overall average £52.43; £85, £67, £59, £54, £48, Davies, Cwmcynon, ,Llwyndafydd; £85 s Lewis, Cwmnanteinon, Rhos, Llandysul; £70, £59, £52, £50, £44, Davies, Lloyd Jack, Felinfach.


JUNE 6th

J. J. Morris reports a good entry with approximately 500 head of cattle on offer that saw store bulls peak at £2,000, breeding bulls top at £2,825 while cows and calves reached £1,270. Store heifers and steers peaked at £880 and £950 respectively with grazing cows reaching £780.

Grazing cows and overage cattle (30): A good entry of grazing cows forward selling to an average of 103.63p/kg or £597/head. Top 450 kilo Jersey at 133p Prichard and Son, Escalwen. Other leading prices p/kg: 127p 470 kilo Lim Owen, Grove Caravan Park, also 570 kilo BB at 119p; 122p 520 kilo Jersey Prichard and Son, Escalwen also 615 kilo Fr at 115p, 630 kilo Fr at 113p, a 640 kilo Fr at 109p; 117p 575 kilo Red Poll, Thomas, Pantgwyn.

Cows sold to a top price per head of £780 for a 720 kilo Lim from Jones, Plasnewydd. Other leading prices £730 for a 740 kilo Hols Fr Thomas and Son, Cildywyll; £715 630 kilo Fr from Prichard and Son, Escalwen also Fr 615 kilos, 640 kilos and 610 kilos at £705, £700 and £635 and a 520 kilo Jersey at £635; £690 605 kilo Lim Williams, Tynewydd.

Overage heifers sold to a top price p/kg of 139p and £655/head for a 470 kilo Lim Davies, Gilrhyd also Lim 430 kilos 134p or £575. Steers peaked at 128p/kg or £830 for a 650 kilo Ch from Williams, Tynewydd.

Stores (402): An improved entry of store cattle was seen this month selling to a steady trade throughout which saw heifers average £562 while steers averaged £582. Steers sold to a top price of £950 for a Welsh Black from Williams, Oxwich Castle Farm. A wide selection of bulls saw prices peak at £2,000 for a Limousin from Vaughan, Coedcefnlas Farms. Heifers peaked at £880 for a pair of Limousins from Williams, Marchgwyn Uchaf .

Heifers (138): £795 (2) Lim Williams, Oxwich Castle Farm; £785 Lim Eynon, Plasybedw; £775 Ch Roberts, Parke.

Steers (231): £950 for a Welsh Black from Williams, Oxwich Castle Farm who also sold a pair of Lims at £835 and a pair of Char at £800; £850 Simm Wade, Porthiddy Farm; £830 BB and Blonde D’Aq from Scale and Co, Upper Haythog. Bulls (33): £2,000 Lim Vaughan, Coedcefnlas Farms; £520 Char Williams, Llys-y-Frenni; £500 Fr Thomas, Great Letterston Farm.

Suckler cows (33). A very good entry of cows and calves forward selling to an overall average of £862. Cows topped at £1,270 for a Charolais from Thomas, Nolton Cross Farm. Others £1,210 Lim Wilson, Middle Pool, also Lim at £1,090; £1070 Lim Thomas, Nolton Cross Farm; £1,060 Lim Morgan, Pantygarn also Lim £1,030, Her £980 and BBs £840 and £780.

Bulls (2): Two strong pedigree Limousin bulls from Davies, Wernwyn sold at £2,825 and £1,850.


June 8th

J. J. Morris reports fewer sheep forward in all sections. Prime lambs sold to a steady trade, to a maximum price of 190p per kilo, and averaged 181.2p per kilo, which was on par with national trends. Cull ewes were slightly easier to the previous week, with the best peaking at £72, and averaging out at £53.50. A few more calves forward, with the best bull topping at £330 and heifer at £180.

Calves (43). £330 Williams, Troedyrhiw, Ferwig; £272, £265 Lloyd, Tegfan, Llanarth; £265, £262 Jenkins, Trefach, Pontfaen.

Sheep. Prime lambs (431) overall average 181.2p. Top prices: 190, 187.1 Lewis, Foelallt, Ciliau Aeron; 188.1, 187.5, 181.4, 181.0, Johns, Carne, Goodwick; 185, 184.3, 183.7, Davies, Tygwyn, Bridell.

Cull ewes (279). £72, £60, Evans, Penrallt, LLantood; £72, £65, £60, £59, etc Prichard, Calcut, Llanpumpsaint; £70, £59, Davies, Rhandir, Tremain.

Newcastle Emlyn

June 9th

Dai Lewis Auctioneers report seasonal entries forward again in all sections (206). Barrens saw another fast run for all sorts, with particular demand on beef types with possibly dairy types being leaner cattle throughout. Beef cattle peaked at 151.0/kg and averaged 117.1 pence and dairies peaked at 111.0 pence and levelled at 88.6 pence/kilo. Stock bulls sold to a fast run, as did weaned calves and store cattle, with excellent demand for all types.

Barrens (65) overall average £616. £1,170 Thomas, Brohedydd, Llwyndrain, Llanfyrnach; £1,120 Brace, Rhiwlas, Trimsaran, Kidwelly; £1,095, £1,080 Jones, Talardeg, Maenygroes, New Quay.

Overage steers: £840, £655 Evans, Tirgwyn, Llwydafydd.

Bull: £950 Jones, Blaenbowi, Capel Iwan.

Stock Bulls: £2,000 (Lim) Jones, Penparc, Rhydlewis, Llandysul; £1,600 (Lim) Thomas, Brohedydd, Llwyndrain, Llanfyrnach.

Weaned Calves. Steers overall average £495. £752, £680 Rees, Llwynbedw, Mydroilyn, Lampeter; £640 Thomas, Ffynnonfair, Henllan, Llandysul; £625 Francis, Pantyrhebog, Felindre, Llandysul.

Heifers overall average £526. £612, £480 Thomas, Ffynnonfair, Henllan; £580 Lewis, Pemrhiw, Llandysul; £575 Rees, Llwynfedw, Mydroilyn.

Store cattle. Steers overall average £665. £900, £815 Howells, Lodge, Trelech, Carmarthen; £870, £855, £845 Jones, Rhydowen, Pontsian; £780 (3) Edkins, Coed, Cilcennin. Heifers overall average £595. £712 Jones, Rhydowen, Pontsian; £675 (2) Howells, Lodge, Trelech; £638 (2), £620 (2), £575 (2), £500 Evans, Cribor Fach, Pontsian.



J. J. Morris reports: Spring lambs and hoggets (962): Once again a good entry of lambs was seen to include 925 spring lambs and 37 hoggets. Spring lambs sold to a top price of 197p/kg while the medium type lambs sold to an average of 183p/kg or £75.36/head with the overall market average at 182.81p/kg. Hoggets topped at 155p/kg while selling to an average of 140.20p/kg.

New season lambs: 40k Bussell, St Kennox Farm 197p; 38k Morgan, Myrtle Hill Farm 197p; 41k Jones, Arnolds Hill 196p.

Spring lambs overall average 182.81 p/kg; Hoggets overall average 140.20 p/kg. Non approved lambs peaked at £115p/kg and £42/head.

Hoggets p/kg 31k Hodges, Penralltgochel 155p, also 36k 144p; 34k Jones, Llwynpiod 144p; 40.5k Thomas, Wellwood 144p.

Cull ewes and rams (317). A moderate entry of ewes and rams was seen this week selling to a much steadier trade throughout which saw the heavier type ewes average £46 while the lighter ewes and rams averaged £25 and £48 respectively. Ewes peaked at £68 from Raymond, Longhouse Farm. Others £66, £60.50, £60 and £59.50 Evans, Llaethdy; £66 Fferm Garreglwyd, Garreglwyd; £65, £64, £57 Jones, Llwynpiod.

Fat cattle. A small selection of fat cattle forward which saw heifers and steers average 133.01p/kg and 134.50p/kg respectively. Top price p/kg included 149.50p for a 540 kilo Limousin heifer from Harris and Son, Ffosddu Fach. Others 134.50p 520 kilo BB steer Reynolds, Pentroydin; 139.50p 565 kilo Lim heifer and 134.50p for a 470 kilo Lim heifer Harris & Son, Ffosddu Fach.

Barren cows. An improved entry of cows was seen this week selling to an overall average of 105.56p/kg or £657/head a good average considering the fact all cows present were dairy bred. Fr 130p 700k Davies, Upper Carvan Farm; Hol Fr 118p 655k Thomas, Cresswell; MRI 114p 640k Dent and Son, Maen-Coch.


June 10th

J. J. Morris reports a seasonal entry of 454 head of sheep and all sections saw a steady trade throughout. Cull ewes again sold well with the best peaking at £72, and rams to £96. Lambs sold well, with quality being very mixed, a top price of £76 was achieved, and the best hoggets topping at £56. Ewes and lambs were in good demand with the best singles peaking at £90.

Cull ewes (247): £96, £50 Wilshaw, Pant-yr-yn, Crymych; £72 Evans, Penrallt, Llantood; £61 Wood, Grug-y-Llyn, Tegryn.

Lambs (72): £76 Thomas, Bernards Well, Tufton; £68, £65.50 Thomas, Pantdwfn, Tegryn; £65 £61 Bowen, Marsh Farm, Tenby.

Hoggets (84): £56, £53, £48, £44 Rees, Penanty, Brynberian; £46, £40 Kerr, Blaenawen, Glanrhyd, £44 Bowen, Marsh Farm, Tenby.

Ewes and lambs (51): £90, £88, £84, £80 Marpole, 8 Brynhedydd, Mathry; £88 Nicholas, Dynaston, Martletwy; £86, £70 Phillips, Nantymynydd, Pontfaen.