Newcastle Emlyn

June 11th

Dai Lewis report similar numbers forward in all sections. Lambs saw a steady run throughout as per current national trends, with vendors again drawn from a wide radius, and with an emphasis on well carcassed lambs. Stores sold to a brisk run and culls saw a fluid trade throughout.

Leading prices: 186.1, 182.8, 180.8 177.4(2), 176.7 Evans, Cribor Fach, Pontsian, Llandysul; 184.6, 184.1, Davies, Glanwern, Felinfach, Lampeter; 183.2 Griffiths, Graigwen, Felinfach.

Store lambs Ov Av £54.56. £62, £51.50 Ruell, Trefayog, St Nicholas, Fishguard; £62, £54.20 Williams, Panthwdog, Cynwyl Elfed.

Hoggetts: Max 88.5, av 87.5. Top Jones, Pantydefaid, Prengwyn, Llandysul.

Culls. Rams Ov av £66.75. £74 Jones, Pantycetris, Talgarreg, Llandysul; £59.50 Grodzicki, Llysywern, Pentrecwrt, Llandysul.

Ewes Ov av £42.68. £70 Mr Davies, Glanwern, Felinfach; £68 Mr Grodzicki, Llysywern, Pentrecwrt; £64 Thomas, Bronant, Cwmdwyfran, Carmarthen.


June 15th

J. J. Morris report an excellent entry forward in all sections. Store cattle met a fast trade throughout with 127 head entered the best steers peaked at £915, and heifers at £790. Barren cows were in great demand with a total entry of 72 head, the best made £1,070 (141p per kilo). There were a few dairy cows forward, selling to a top price of £1,500. Calves, as in previous weeks, sold to a fast trade, with the best bull calves topping at £300, and heifers at £258.

Prime lambs met a much easier trade, which was on par with national trends, selling to a top price of 178.1p per kilo, and averaging 164.2p per kilo. Cull ewes sold to similar trade as last week, with a top price of £70.

Store Cattle/Weaned Calves (127) Steers: £915 George, Wernddu, Eglwyswrw; £880, £870 Lewis, Glanllynan, Cardigan; £875, £620 Eaton, Blaenllyn, Llangolman.

Heifers: £790, £735, £725, Lewis, Glanllynan, Cardigan; £788, £760, £705, Griffiths, Pencoed, Eglwyswrw; £660, £560, £540, Purcell, Llethr Mawr, Ffostrasol.

Barren Cows (72). £1070, £805 Davies, Trefere Uchaf, Penparc; £915, £770 Jones, Nantymawr, Llangrannog; £885 Davies, Treicert, Nevern.

Dairy Cows (2). £1,500 Lewis, Morfa Uchaf, Newport; £1,300 Lewis, Tyriet, Ferwig.

In-Calf Cows (4). £1,060 Lewis, Tyriet, Ferwig; £980, £890, £760 Jenkins, Gwelfor, Gwbert.

Calves (35). £300, £280 (BB),Lloyd, Tegfan, Llanarth; £278, £262 (BB) Fforest Farms Ltd, Newport; £270 (Lim) Picton, Tymawr, Boncath.

Sheep Section Prime Lambs (638). Overall average 164.2p. 178.1, 177.6, 176.0, 175.3, 170.3 Phillips, Trewilym Isaf, Eglwyswrw; 176.0 Jones, Blaenwaun Ganol, Llanwnen; 171.0 Davies, Wernlwyd, Wolfscastle.

Cull Ewes (188). £70, £50 Evans, Penrallt, Llantood; £70 Jones, Broteify, Troedyrhiw; £65, £60 Phillips, Llainwen, Tegryn.


June 16th

J. J. Morris report another good entry of 903 lambs forward with hoggets drying up with only 14 forward. Lambs sold to a top price of 159p per kilo for 39 kilo lambs from Davies & Millichap, Llandre Uchaf, and 39.5 kilos from Bowen, Kyngadle Farm, with the trade significantly poorer than previous weeks, but in line with the national trade and deadweight prices. The overall average was 147p per kilo.

New season lambs: 39k Davies & Millichap, Llandre Uchaf 159p; 40k Bowen, Kyngadle Farm 156p; 40k Fairclough, Frowen 157p.

Hoggetts sold to 117p per kilo/£45 and averaged 116.53p/£44.73 Cull ewes and rams (277): A reduced entry to the previous week saw the heavier ewes selling to a top price of £79 from Davies Cyf, Canllefaes Uchaf also £68 with other leading prices at £78 Thomas, Ystlysycoed Isaf also £72, £67 & £65; £66 from Williams & Son, Llwynbychan. Heavy ewes averaged overall £42.82 while the lighter types averaged £25.32. Cull rams sold to a top price of £60 from Rowland, Brynonnen with others at £50 from Belton, Headlands Farm; £50 Carter, Banybanc Farm, £50 from Morgan, The Cottage and £50 from Salmon, 27 Bryn Y Derwydd.

Barren cows (25): A good entry forward selling to a top price of £845 for a 830 kilo Hol/Fr from Griffiths, Lan Farm with the average at £591.40 per head/95.66p per kilo.

Other leading prices: H/Fri £795 730k Astridge Farm Ltd; Fri £780 730k Astridge Farm Ltd; H/Fr £770 750k Astridge Farm Ltd.

Calves. A poor entry which saw a Limousin heifer calf presented by Roberts, Brynaeron selling to a top price of £220 with a Holstein Friesian bull selling to £80 from the same producer.

Newcastle Emlyn

June 16th

Dai Lewis report an increased number forward (40) with another fast run throughout for all sorts. More Cattle needed to satisfy buyers orders.

Fat Cattle Steers max 160.8, av 144.2. Top £965, £910, £885 (2), £865 Davies, Lanfryn, Bronwydd; £790, £585 Evans, Ffynnonsaint, College Road, Carmarthen.

Heifers. £800 (129.0) Howells, Fronhaul, Cilrhedyn, Llanfyrnach; £545 (122.4) Williams, Twmpath, Talog, Carmarthen.

Over Age Steer: £755 (133.6) Mr Williams, Twmpath, Talog.

Barren Cows ov av £642. £940, £730, £635 Thomas, Nantygelli, Cynwyl Elfed, Carmarthen; £925, £855, £775 Williams, Clyncoch, Cwrtnewydd, Llanybydder; £815, £775, £635, £615 Thomas, Penlan Home Farm, Llanfynydd, Carmarthen.

Newcastle Emlyn

June 18th

Dai Lewis Auctioneers report a slightly smaller number forward with producers taking advantage of a dry spell to catch up on seasonal jobs. Lambs saw a faster run in comparison with the beginning of the week, as national trends had eased considerably. A better quality entry was forward in general. Hogs saw a steady run for the time of year. Culls again sold to a solid trade throughout.

Leading prices: 157.8 147.8 Messrs Evans, Nantygwyddau, Pontsian, Llandysul; 157.7 155.1 150.7 149.2 Mr Evans, Pentre Gwnnws, Tyngraig, Ystrad Meurig; 157.1 Mr Jones, Penparc, Rhydlewis, Llandysul.

Store lambs: Ov Av £49 – £51, £50 Mr Williams, Panthwdog, Cynwyl Elfed; £42 Mr Haines, Ffynnon Newydd, Llwyndafydd, New Quay Culls – Rams, Ov Av £45 – £50 Mr Thomas, Clungarthen, Trelech; £40 Mr Jones, 4 Cilwendeg Lodge, Boncath.

Ewes, Ov Av £50.92 – £64.50, £57, £42.50, Messrs Davies, Fron, Pontsian; £60 Mr Bloomfield, Clyngosen, Capel Iwan, Newcastle Emlyn; £55.50 Mr Thomas, Clungarthen, Trelech.