June 16th
BJP reports:
Store cattle (81): A good entry for the time of year with an excellent trade. Top price of £950 for a 22 month old Simmental steer owned by Harries, Tymeini, Dinas. Best heifers were 26 month old Belgian Blues selling for £780 from Vaughan, Middle Woodstock.

Bel Blue steers 27 months £840; Angus steers 29 months £820; Bel Blue steers 26 months £785; Hereford steers 25 months £715; Hereford steers seven months £480; Bel Blue steers four months £450; Bel Blue heifers 27 months £730; Angus heifers 27 months £735; Hereford heifers seven months £385; Lim heifers 25 months £635.

A small entry of cull cows with a very strong trade. A 790 kilo Fr cow sold for £855 and a 710 kilo cow sold for £755. Max per kilo 108p; av per head £702.

Calves (24): A fair entry with more medium quality on offer. A compact Lim bull sold for £198, and a quality Lim heifer sold for £202 from Clarke, Dingstopple. An Angus bull sold for £172 Angus Heifer £150, Hereford Heifer £130. Friesian Bulls for £78.

Newcastle Emlyn

June 18th
Dai Lewis reports:
a slightly smaller number forward with producers taking advantage of a dry spell to catch up on seasonal weather. Lambs saw a faster run in comparison with the beginning of the week’s trade, as national trends had eased considerably in one go. A better quality entry was forward in general. Hogs saw a steady run for the time of year. Culls again sold to a solid trade throughout.

Sheep (897) Lambs Max Av Light 149.0 147.1 Standard 157.8 152.5 Medium 157.1 152.9 Heavy 143.2 140.8 Others 128.3 128.3 Overall av: 152.1 p/kg. Leading prices: 157.8, 147.8 Evans, Nantygwyddau, Pontsian, Llandysul; 157.7, 155.1, 150.7, 149.2 Evans, Pentre Gwnnws, Tyngraig, Ystrad Meurig; 157.1 Jones, Penparc, Rhydlewis, Llandysul.

Store lambs overall average £49. £51, £50 Williams, Panthwdog, Cynwyl Elfed; £42 Haines, Ffynnon Newydd, Llwyndafydd, New Quay.

Hoggets Max Av Light 85.0 83.8 Standard 118.9 115.0 Medium 95.1 85.2 Heavy 87.2 85.3 Overall average: 95.9. Top: Spiers, Bronhydden Fawr, Pentrecagal, Newcastle Emlyn Culls. Rams overall average £45. £50 Thomas, Clungarthen, Trelech; £40 Jones, 4 Cilwendeg Lodge, Boncath.

Ewes overall average £50.92. £64.50, £57, £42.50 Davies, Fron, Pontsian; £60 Bloomfield, Clyngosen, Capel Iwan, Newcastle Emlyn; £55.50 Thomas, Clungarthen, Trelech.


June 22nd
J. J. Morris reports:
another good entry in all sections. Prime lambs sold well throughout, with the best peaking at 165p per kilo, and averaging 154.2p per kilo, which was on par with national trends. Cull ewes were on par with the previous week, with the best ewes topping at £70, and averaging £53.50.

There were over 40 calves forward selling to an excellent trade. The best continental bull calves peaking at £258 and heifers at £232. Friesian bull calves were also in good demand with the best topping at £108, the general run being between £40 and £70.

Prime lambs (518) Max Av Light 137.3 136.1 Standard 163.2 152.6 Medium 165.0 156.1 Heavy 146.0 144.7 Others 125.0 125.0 Overall average 154.2p. Top prices: 165.0 Purcell, Llethr Mawr, Ffostrasol; 164.1 Thomas, Graig, Hebron; 163.2 Davies, Tygwyn, Bridell.

Store lambs (12). £43.50 Sacco, Parcyneithw, Llechryd; £36.50 Evans, Parke, Boncath.

Cull ewes (232). £70, £55, £54 Monahan, Stember Farmhouse, Rose Hill; £67 Morgan, Pencefn, Ferwig; £65.50, £54 Rogeston Farm Ltd, Portfield Gate.

Calves (40) £258, £245, £232, £200 (BB) Fforest Farms Ltd, Newport; £232 (BB), £162 (Lim), Parkes, Pengaer, Eglwyswrw; £210, £208, £160 (BB) Jones, Pantyrhendy, Llanarth.


J. J. MORRIS reports:
another good day’s trading on Saturday, with cattle selling to an improved trade, which was reflected in the improved steer and heifer averages, which were up £70 and £40 respectively on the previous sale. Steers topped at £1,065 while heifers peaked at £950, suckler cows reached £1,310 and a Limousin bull topped at £1,320.

Grazing cows and over age cattle (14). A smaller entry of cows was seen selling to an average price p/kg of 99.09p or £542.50/head. Cows peaked at 114p for a 510kg Jersey from Dent and Son, Maen-Coch. Other leading prices included 110p for a 570kg Hereford Phillips, Rhydyfallen; 109p for a 490kg Jersey from Dent and Son, Maen-Coch; 104p for a 340kg BB from Roch, Eastmoor Farm; 103p for a 570kg Shorthorn from James, Lambrough.

Cows sold to a top price per head of £725 for a 660kg Hereford from Phillips, Rhydyfallen. Other leading prices included £670 for a 680kg Friesian from Davies, Maesgwyn; £615 for a 610kg Shorthorn from James, Lambrough; £595 for a 610kg Friesian from Davies, Maesgwyn.

Stores (343). A good entry of cattle was seen selling to an improved trade with heifers and steers averaging £600 and £655 respectively, while an increased entry of dairy bred bulls sold to an average of £276. Prices peaked at £1,065 for a Limousin steer from Harries, Garregwen. An excellent entry of heifers and steers in both quantity and quality from Jenkins and Son, Lower House Farm dominated the leading prices in both sections with a group of their Limousin heifers topping the heifer prices at £950. Other leading prices: Heifers (135): £890, £840, £820 BB from Jenkins and Son, Lower House Farm; £845, £815 Limousin from Harries, Pantyffynnon.

Steers (189): £1,065 Limousin, Harries, Garregwen; £990 for a group of Limousins and BBs from Jenkins and Son, Lower House Farm; £975 for a Limousin from Roberts, Parke.

Bulls (19): £355 for a Limousin from Thomas, Penygraig Farm; £265 for Holstein Friesians from Thomas, Syke Farm.

Suckler cows (25): Another good entry of cows and calves was seen which saw the 25 cows and calves on offer sell to an average of £952. Prices peaked at £1,310 for a BB from Wilson, Middle Pool. Other leading prices: £1,210 for a Limousin from Price, Bill Farm; £1,200, £1,090, £960 (Lims), £1,000 and £895 (Ch) Morgan, Pantygarn; £1,115 for a Limousin from Thomas, Syke Farm.

Bulls (3): Bulls sold to a top price of £1,320 for a Limousin from Morgan, Plas-y-Gwer. Other leading bull prices included £1,200 for a Hereford from Astridge Farm Ltd, Astridge Farm; £950 for a Charolais from Roch, Eastmoor Farm.


JUNE 23rd
J. J. MORRIS reports:
Spring lambs (522): A smaller entry of lambs was seen this week which saw the best meated lambs reach 162p/kg and £66.20/head. The standard type lambs sold to an average of 148.15p/kg and £55.20 with the overall market average at 147.97p/kg. Thirty-six hoggets were sold selling to a top of 140p/kg and £75/head and to an average of 113.90p/kg.

Spring lambs: Top prices per kg: 37kg Jones, Werbongam 162p/kg; 38.5kg Howells, Penlan 161p/kg; 43.5kg Johns, Carne Farm £65.80.

New season’s hoggets overall average 113.90p/kg; Spring lambs overall average 147.97p/kg.

Hoggets leading prices p/kg 53.5kg Thomas, 26 Flemish Close 140p/kg; 39kg Lawrence and Co, Lower Toch 129p/kg; 54.5kg Thomas, 26 Flemish Close 92p/kg.

Cull ewes and rams (165). A smaller entry of ewes and rams forward selling to a steady trade throughout with the heavy type ewes selling to an average of £45 while the lighter ewes and rams averaged £24 and £47 respectively. Ewes sold to a top price of £84 for Texels from Monahan, Stember Farm House. Other leading prices included: £78, £69 Thomas, Carregllys; £71, £50.50, £50 Johns, Carne Farm; £66 from Phillips, Windsor Farm.

Rams top £56 from Jenkins, The Bungalow. Others £52, £45 Jones, Wernbongam; £47, £40 Thompson, Ysguborwen. Wethers top £40 from Thomas, Pantycoch, also £37.50. Hoggets top £40 from Thomas, Ffynnonau Gleision others £37 Thomas, Pantycoch.

Fat cattle. A small entry of fat heifers from Harris and Son, Ffosddu Fach sold at: Limousin heifer 530kg at 147.50p/£781; Limousin heifer 545kg at 139.50p/£760; Limousin heifer 560kg at 138.50p/£775.

Barren cows and bulls. A moderate entry of 14 cows, sold to an average of 92.27p/kg or £571, a fair average considering the limited number of continental cows forward. Prices peaked at 123p/kg and £1,095/head. Leading prices p/kg: H/Fri 640k at 123p Davies, Heatherton; H/Fri 800kg at 109p Griffiths, Lan Farm; Lim 620kg at 108p Jones, Llwyncelyn Uchaf; H/Fri 765kg at 106p Astridge Farms Ltd, Astridge.

Calves: Bull calves sold to a top price of £210 for a BB from Thomas, Little Pale, who also sold a Hereford at £50. Other leading bull prices included £40 for a Friesian from Davies, Cilau Fawr; £35 for a Friesian from Howells, Nantygof. A Limousin heifer from Evans, Waterholmes sold at £218.


J. J. MORRIS reports:
With it being excellent harvesting weather there was a few less sheep forward but a steady trade was had throughout. With lamb prices having dropped in the recent weeks, a top price of £65.60 was achieved with an average of £56.50. Cull ewes again sold well for quality forward with the best ewes peaking at £61.

Cull ewes (292): £61, £60 Evans, Penrallt, Llantood; £60, £44.50 James, 102 Maesglas, Cardigan; £52, £47.50, £47 Davies, Penlanwynt, Pontfaen; £51 Jenkins, Fronlas, Rhosfach.

Store lambs (36): £65.50 Reynolds, Hafod; £65, £60, £53.50 Lowe, Rhydwen; £57.50 Rodenhurst, Lion Farm, Blaenwaun; £46.60 James, Penrallt Uchaf, Cilgerran.


J. J. MORRIS reports:
a moderate entry of cattle forward including 39 cull cows, one cull bull, two overage steers and 15 fat cattle from herds under TB restrictions. Once again the well fleshed cattle sold to a premium with the best cows reaching 137p/kg and fat cattle peaking at 157.50p/kg.

Barren cows, bulls and overage cattle (42): Cows sold to an average of 102.22p/kg or £631/head with the best cows selling to a top price p/kg of 137p/kg for a 630kg BB from Cole, St Twynnels Farm and to a top price/head of £915 for a 805kg Holstein Friesian from Haycocks and Co, Allt-y-Bailey. Overage steers peaked at 148p/kg for a 615kg Limousin from Williams and Son, Cilowen. Other leading prices p/kg: BB 615kg at 133p Cole, St Twynnels Farm; BB 660kg at 133p Smith and Son, Norton Farm; Sim 460k at 125p Hughes and Sons, Pentroydin.

Fat cattle (15): A good entry of quality fat cattle was seen this month with heifers averaging 133.66p/kg while steers averaged 143.73p/kg. Top prices p/kg: BB 675kg at 157.5p John, Pensarn; Ch 560kg at 156.5p Davies, Lanfryn; Lim 520k at 149.5p Williams and Son, Cilowen.