Newcastle Emlyn

June 23rd

Dai Lewis Auctioneers report seasonal entries forward in all sections (212). Barrens saw a flying run for all categories with an exceptional trade for beef breeds, which peaked at 145 pence and levelled at 119.4 p/kg, and dairy breeds topped at 127 pence and levelled at 101p/kg. Cows and calves sold to a brisk run as did breeding stock. Weaned calves and store cattle saw another strong trade throughout.

Barrens (76) overall average £640. £1,385 Lewis, Penrhiw, Pencader Road, Llandysul; £990 Jenkins, Penwern Fawr, Cwmcou, Newcastle Emlyn; £970, £885 Jones, Heol Faenog, Pontsian, Llandysul.

Over age steer: £820 Edkins, Coed Farm, Cilcennin.

Bull. £790 Phillips, Bronllan, Penybont, Carmarthen, Breeding cows overall average £642. £855, £795, £750 (2), £700, £615 Rees, Blaenllan, Coedybryn; £635 Campbell, Pantydriw, Llanpumsaint.

Cows and calves overall average £1,061. £1,200, £1,050 Jenkins, Penwern Fawr, Cwmcou, Newcastle Emlyn; £935 Evans, Penbryn, Llangloffan.

Weaned Calves. Steers overall average £466. £660, £582, £552 92 Griffiths, Gelligynnar Isaf, Felindre; £620, £590, £530 Davies, Bedwhirion, Llanpumsaint, Carmarthen; £575, £515 (2) Mr Fogden, Cefnllechclawdd, Llangeler.

Heifers overall average £383. £565 Griffiths, Gelligynnar Isaf, Felindre; £470 Francis, Pantyrhebog, Felindre; £440, £380, £368, £355 Davies, Bedwhirion, Llanpumsaint.

Store cattle: Steers overall average £575. £845, £800, £660 Jones, Cyffionos, Cross Inn, New Quay; £740, £730, £600 (2), £598, £570 Evans, Nantygwyddau, Pontsian; £620 (2) Davies, Blaendyffryn, Horeb.

Heifers overall average £601. £800, £700, £690 Jones, Rhydowen, Pontsian; £660 Jones, Cyffionos, Cross Inn; £625 £615 (2) Evans, Nantygwyddau, Pontsian.

Newcastle Emlyn

June 25th

Dai Lewis Auctioneers report similar entries forward in all sections, with producers taking advantage of the excellent harvest weather. Lambs sold to a steady run throughout, and being on a par with current national trends. Culls sold to another strong trade for all sorts.

Leading Prices: 153.2, 149.3 Davies, Tyngrug Uchaf, Cwmsychbant, Llanybyther; 150.0 Jones, Gorlan, Pantybwlch, Newcastle Emlyn; 148.7, 145.8, 143.7 Edkins, Coed Farm, Cilcennin, Lampeter.

Store Lambs overall average £45.64. £52.20 Davies, Gwarcefel, Prengwyn; £44 Williams, Panthwdog, Cynwyl Elfed.

Clean sheep max and av 78.7p.


Rams overall average £42.50. £55 Jones, Delfryn, Penboyr, Felindre; £30 Mr Thomas, Ffynnonfair, Henllan.

Ewes overall average £53.09. £73, £70, £67 Organ, Tymaen, Rhos, Llandysul; £55 Wyse, Blaenwthan, Saron, Llandysul; £53.50 Brookin, Rhippinllwyd, Cwmcou, Newcastle Emlyn.


June 29th

J.J. Morris report another excellent entry of lambs forward with a brisk trade throughout averaging at 151.3p per kilo., A top price of 156p per kilo was achieved. Cull ewes were very mixed in quality, with the best ewes peaking at £59.50.

A similar entry to the previous week in the calf section, with the best continental bulls peaking at £270 and heifers at £202. Friesian bull calves again sold well, with the best topping at £128.

Top prices: 156.0, 154.4 Evans, Garn, Plwmp; 155.4 Evans, Penrallt, Llantood; 155.1, 154.8, 150.0 Thomas, Coedllwyd, Clydey.

Hoggets (26). 138.3 Leonard, Postgwyn, Boncath.

Store Lambs 122.0 Jones, Clyngwynne, Llanboidy.

Cull ewes (159). £59.50 Jones, Blaencwm, Crymych; £57, £46, £42, Bowen, Pengelly, Eglwyswrw; £51 £45.50 Jones, Shiral, Abercych.

Calves (34). £270, £255, £202, £180 (BB) Jones, Penlan-y-Mor, Llanarth; £232, £174 (Lim) Lewis, Ffosdwn, Dihewyd; £188 (BB) Reed, Rhosygadair, Blaenannerch.



J. J. MORRIS reports that the first sheep sale of the year saw a good entry of 745 quality yearlings, 11 ewes, 18 yearling rams and a very small entry of four store lambs. Yearlings sold to a good trade throughout which was reflective of the current lamb prices with some of the very best reaching over a £100/head while selling to an average price of £90/head. A small entry of rams was seen with the best reaching a top of 230gns. Rams (18): A small entry of yearling rams was seen which saw the best reach 280gns (2) for yearling Texels from Thomas and Son, Carswell Farm, St Florence. Other leading prices included 140gns (Texel) Evans, Coedhirion; 140gns, 10gns, 95gns, 80gns and 70gns (Texel) Bowen, Pentalar.

Yearling ewes (745): A good entry of strong yearling ewes was seen in the first sheep sale of the year which saw prices reach a top of £101/head, £100, £99 and £98 (Suffolk cross) from Davies, South Hill. Other leading prices included £100, £98 (Suffolk cross) Miles, Gwili Vale; £98, £97, £94, £93, £92, £91 (Suffolk cross) Pepper, Swan Inn; £96, £90 Lewis, Cwmgwyn Farm.

A small entry of older ewes was seen selling to a top price of £60/head for four and two year olds from Clements, Tygwyn Farm; with others selling at £34 for full mouth ewes from Hickman, Penbryn Farm. Store lambs sold to a top of £32 from Miller, Rogers Well.


30th JUNE 30TH

J. J. MORRIS reports a moderate entry of lambs forward selling to a top price of 147p/kg and £62/head with the standard lambs selling to an average of 138.33p/kg, with the overall market average at 136.83p/kg. A very small entry of hoggets sold to a top price of £50/head and 111p/kg.

Spring lambs: Top prices p/kg: 36k Phillips, Deers Park 147p; 37k Rees, Trefochlyd Farm 146p; 31.5k Bowen, Brynteilo 146p.

New season’s lambs overall average 136.38p/kg.

Hoggets overall average 105.80p/kg. Leading prices p/kg: 45k Davies, Mount Pleasant 111p; 36.5k Collins, Gorswen 106p.

Cull ewes and rams: A much improved entry of ewes and rams was seen this week selling to a steady trade throughout. Again the greatest demand was seen for the heavier type ewes, which sold to an average of £45/head. The lighter weight ewes averaged £25/head while rams averaged £47/head. Ewes peaked at £68 for a Suffolk from Callan, 2 Corston Cottage. Other leading prices £66 Williams, Ty Cynog, Parc Cynog; £64, £55, £54.50, £50 Jerman, Manor Farm; £62 £55, £53, £52, £45.50 Williams, Llwynonill Fawr.

Rams sold to a top price of £53 (2) Williams, Llwynonill Fawr; £49 Jerman, Manor Farm; £46, £45 Evans, Lowlands Farm.

Fat cattle: Six fat cattle were forward which saw the heifers sell to an average of 147.76p/kg while steers sold to an average of 149.01p/kg. Prices p/kg peaked at 153.50p for a 570 kilo Limousin heifer from Harris and Son, Ffosddu Fach, and to £897/head for a 600 kilo Charolais steer from Reynolds, Pentroydin. Other leading prices p/kg: Char (S) 600k at 149.50p, Lim (S) 580k at 148.50p Reynolds, Pentroydin; Lim (H) 520k at 147.50p, Lim (H) 570k@ 146.50p, Lim (H) 570k@ 143.50p Harris and Son, Ffosddu Fach.

Barren cows: A small entry of eight barren cows and two overage steers were forward, which saw the cows sell to an average of 92.64p/kg or £542/head. Cows peaked at 120p/kg for a 460 kilo Simmental from Hughes, The Dingle, and £740 for a 715 kilo Friesian from Morgan and Co, Cilau Fawr, with other leading prices p/kg as follows: H/Fr 600k at 107p, Fri 555k at 101p Roberts, Tregynnon Farm; Fri 715k at 103p Morgan and Co, Cilau Fawr; H/Fr 615k at 90p Picton-Davies and Son, Hendre Farm.

Overage steers (2): Two well fleshed overage steers from Davies, Mount Pleasant peaked at 145p/kg for a 660 kilo Limousin whilst a 680 kilo BB sold at 138p/kg. Prices peaked at £955 for the 660 kilo Limousin and £935 for the 680 kilo BB.

Calves: Bull calves peaked at £245 for a Limousin from Evans, Waterholmes Farm. With other leading prices at £25 for a Friesian from Carlisle, Little Pencoed; £16 for a Holstein Friesian from Howells, Manor Court.

Heifers peaked at £200 for a Limousin from Evans, Waterholmes Farm who also sold a further Limousin heifer at £170.

Newcastle Emlyn

July 2nd

Dai Lewis Auctioneers report similar entries forward in all sections. Lambs sold to a steady run throughout, and being on a par with current national trends. Culls sold to another strong trade for all sorts.

Leading Prices: 145.7, 144.1 Tompkinson, Brynyrefail, Oakford; 143.3 Moore, 4 Gwili Terrace, Llanpumsaint; 142.3, 139.5 Davies, Cwmcynnon, Llwyndafydd.

Store Lambs overall average £44.52 Leading Prices: £55.20 Evans, Pentre Gwnws, Tyngraig; £48, £45.20 Davies, Blaenbulan, Boncath; £47.20 Evans and Sons, Gorwel, Bryngwyn.


Ewes overall average £47.73.

Leading Prices: £70, £50 Davies, Gilfachygweision, Trelech; £69, £51, £48 Jones, Eithinduon Uchaf, Meidrim; £60 Davies, Cwmcynnon, Llwyndafydd.