BJP REPORTS: Store cattle (107): A better entry this week sold to a similar trade as before with a 21 month old Simmental steer selling for £830 from Harries, Tymeini, Dinas.

Top prices: Hereford steers 23 months £745; Hereford steers 22 months £680; Hereford steers 24 months £645; Hereford steers 15 months £600; Friesian steers 18 months £605; Limousin steers 16 months £565; Lim heifers 22 months £550; Hereford heifers 17 months £485.

Cull cows (17): Slightly more cows with a top price of £885 for a Friesian Cow sold by John Jenkins, Lower House, Spittal. Top prices: Lim cow 650 kilo £750; Sim cow 670 kilo £730; Friesian cow 780 kilos £800; Bel Blue bull 880 kilo £915. Max per kilo 115 pence; average 104.5 pence.

Calves (57). Lim bulls £275, £265 Hancock Clarboro; Bel Blue bull £268, Williams, Green; Simmental bull £250 Luke, Pwlle; Bel Blue heifer £228 Williams Green.



J. J. MORRIS reports: The second sheep sale of the year saw an increased number of 1,115 sheep forward to include 869 yearlings, 201 older ewes, five rams, 18 yearling rams and 22 store lambs.

Yearlings sold to an improved trade with many reaching over the £100/head barrier, the 869 yearlings forward sold to a very good average of £95/head an improvement of £5/head on the first sale. The more mature ewes sold to an average of £65/head. Rams (23): An improved entry of rams was seen on Friday, which saw the yearling rams sell to an average of 220gns while the older rams sold to an average of 162gns. The best of the rams sold to a top price of 335gns for a yearling Texel from Thomas and Son, Carswell Farm.

Other leading yearling prices: 290gns, 280gns (2), 250gns (Texel) Monahan, Stember Farm House; 280gns (Suffolk) Rees, Avola Farm; 260gns (Texel) Thomas and Son, Carswell Farm; 235gns (Suffolk) Reynolds and Lawrence, Garndwyrain; 115gns (Beltex) Hughes and Butterfield, Pencraig. The more mature rams sold to a top of 215gns from Thomas, Ystlysycoed Isaf who also sold at 155gns and 115gns with other leading prices: 175gns, 150gns Jones, Blaengwyn Farm.

Breeding ewes (1,070): A very good entry of quality ewes of all ages was seen which saw prices peak at £121/head for Suffolk X yearling ewes from Morgan, Tynllwyn who also sold Suffolk Xs at £117. Other leading yearling prices: £119 (Texels) James, Cotts Park; £117 (Mules), £111, £110, £104, £102 and £98 (Suffolk Xs) Davies, South Hill; £112, £109, £106, £105, £103, £97, £96, £94 and £92 (Suffolk Xs) Pepper, Swan Inn.

The older ewes also met a fast trade selling to a top of £95 for Suffolk Xs from Miles, Gwili Vale who also sold at £80. Other leading prices included £91 for four year old Suffolk Xs; £78 Land, Clydfan; £60 Thomas and Co, Plas-y-Fforest; £58 Walters, Upper Castle Ely.

Store lambs (22): A small entry of store lambs saw prices reach a top of £36.50 from Walters, Upper Castle Ely with others at £32 from Bowen, Brynteilo.



J. J. Morris reports yet another excellent entry, selling to an excellent trade.

With over 700 prime lambs forward, a top price of 158.7p per kilo was achieved and averaging 147.2p per kilo. Store lambs also sold to a good trade, with the best making 136p per kilo. Cull ewes were very mixed quality, but the best peaked at £68. A very mixed quality entry of calves, but the best continental bull calves topped at £290 and heifers at £170. Friesian bulls topped at £132.

Top prices: 158.7 Hughes, Blaendyffryn, Capel Iwan; 157.1, 155 Monahan, Stember Farmhouse, Rose Hill; 156 Davies, Trefere Uchaf, Penparc; 155.6, 154.2, 152.3, 152.1, 151.8 Evans, Penrallt, Llantood.

Store lambs (39): £49 Rees, Kiln Park, Narberth; £43 Eynon, Plasybedw, Efailwen; £42 Jones, Clyngwynne, Llanboidy.

Cull ewes (163): £68 Grota, 5 Cambrian Way, Blaenannerch; £60 Jones, Clyngwynne, Llanboidy; £58.50, £58, £55 Jenkins, Pantyrodyn, Brongest.

Calves (33): £290 (BB) Lloyd, Tegfan, Llanarth; £250 (BB) Davies, Brynsiriol, Cilgerran; £198, £158 (BB) Fforest Farm Ltd, Newport.



J. J. Morris reports that an improved entry of lambs (671) was seen this week selling to a much better trade with the best meated continental lambs reaching a top of 153p/kg or £65.50/head.

The overall market average for the spring lambs was 143.45p/kg an improvement of nearly 5p/kg on the previous week. Six hoggets were sold to a top of 110p/kg for 47 kilos from Thomas, 26 Flemish Close which realised £51.50/head.

Spring lambs, top prices p/kg: 40k Howells, Henllan 153p; 41k Fairclough, Frowen 152p; 41k Davies, Morfa Farm 151p.

Cull ewes and rams (288): An improved entry of cull ewes was seen this week, selling to a solid trade throughout with the best quality ewes selling to a very fast trade which saw the heavier type ewes selling to an average of £52 while the lighter ewes and rams averaged £22 and £43.50 respectively.

Prices peaked at £90 from Bowen, Gwyndy, not far behind was Morgan Ltd, Treffgarne Farm who sold at £85.50 and £74.50. Other leading prices included £83 Bowen, Gwyndy; £83, £66 and £58 Jones and Randall, Rhandir.

Fat cattle (4). A small entry of fat cattle saw prices reach a top of 144.50p/kg for a 625 kilo Limousin steer from Reynolds, Pentroydin with other leading prices p/kg at 142.50p for a 615 kilo Limousin steer from the same vendor who also sold a 535 kilo Limousin heifer at 129.50p; 129.50p 585 kilo Sim steer Thomas, Cresswell.

Barren cows (18): A good entry of cows forward sold to an average of 72.52p/kg reflective of the quality of the animals on offer. Prices p/kg peaked at 116p for a 510 kilo Simmental from Nicholas, Dynaston and at £660/head for a 655 kilo MRI from Tremellen Farms Ltd, Tremoilet Farm. Other leading prices p/kg: MRI 655k at 101p Tremellen Farms Ltd; H/Fr 520k at 99p Anderson, Trelimsey; Lim 570k at 97p Rowlands, Cilgynydd.

Overage heifer and steers (3): Prices p/kg topped at 125p for a 750 kilo Limousin from Hughes, Waters Hill Farm who also sold a 900 kilo Limousin steer at 121p; 102p for a 650 kilo Limousin heifer from Howells, Upper Glandwr Farm. Prices peaked at £1,085 for a 900 kilo Limousin steer from Hughes, Waters Hill Farm who also sold another Limousin steer weighing 750 kilos at £940; £660 for a 650 kilo Limousin heifer from Howells, Glandwr Farm.

Calves (16): A fair entry of calves forward, which saw bulls sell to an average of £62 due to an increased entry of dairy bred calves, while heifers averaged £60.

Prices peaked at £268 for a Limousin bull from Evans, Waterholmes Farm. Other leading bull prices included £195 for a Hereford from Davies, Ty-Coed Farm; £135 for a Welsh Black from Thomas, Little Pale; £42 for a Friesian from Howells, Nantygof; £28 for a Friesian from Davies, Cilau Fawr; £26 for an Ayrshire from James, Coedllys; £24, £21, £18 for Holstein Friesians from Jones and Sons, Hackett Farm. An AA heifer calf sold at £60 from Thomas, Little Pale.

Newcastle Emlyn

July 16th

Dai Lewis Auctioneers report similar entries forward in all sections. Lambs saw a brisker run to the previous week as per national trends, with quality being of a high standard throughout.

A small show of hoggetts sold to a steady demand. Store lambs sold to a fast trade. Culls sold well for the quality forward, with the majority being of lean lightweight types, resulting in the overall average being lower than normal.

Leading prices: 150.1, 141.6 Robb, Parctwad, Llechryd, Cardigan; 156.3 Tomkinson, Brynyrefail, Oakford, Llanarth; 144.3, 144.1, 142.7 Evans, Cribor Fach, Pontsian, Llandysul.

Top: Jones, Bronorwen, Henllan.

Store lambs overall average £42.51. Top: £50 Jones, Brafle, Pentrecwrt, Llandysul; £47.20 Jones, Glantweli Fach, Pencader; £45 Chillery, Morawel, Blaenporth, Cardigan.

Culls: Ram £42 Jones, 4 Cilwendeg Lodge, Boncath. Ewes overall average £30.56. Top: £54, £44.50 Rishko, Penyralltlwyd, Ciliau Aeron; £48.50 Ratledge, 2 Bro Arth, Pennant, Aberaeron; £46 Davies, Blaenbylan, Boncath.