July 28th

BJP reports: Store cattle (110). A good entry after the Royal Welsh Show with a brisk trade. Top price of £780 for a Simmental steer sold by Mr Harries, Tymeini, Dinas.

Hereford steers £735 24 months; Angus steers £735 19 months; Lim steers £740 26 months; Welsh Black steers £620 19 months; Saler steers £565 15 months; Lim heifers £740 22 months; Welsh Black heifers £565 19 months; Hereford heifers £590 21 months; Simmental heifers £540 16 months.

Cull cows (15). More cows forward with trade similar to last week with a top price of £785 for a 755 kilo Simmental cow. Friesian cow 800 kilos £735; Welsh Black cow 575 kilos £530; Hereford cow 580 kilos £550.

Calves A small entry sold to a fair trade. Bel Blue bull £202, Simmental heifer £175.



J. J. MORRIS reports another good entry of 455 cattle forward selling to a steadier trade than has been seen over the last few weeks with store heifers and steers peaking at £885 and £845 respectively. Grazing cows reached 139p/kg and £890/head. A good entry of sucklers saw prices peak at £1,200 with breeding bulls reaching £1,680.

Grazing cows, bulls and overage cattle (26): A good entry of cows and overage cattle was seen which saw cows sell to an average of 90.18p/kg or £530/head. Overage heifers sold to an average of 119p/kg while steers averaged 110p/kg. Prices peaked at 139p/kg for a 640 kilo BB from James, Cilhengroes. Top prices per kilo: 640k BB 139p James, Cilhengroes; 665k BB (H) 121p Saer, Rhosgoch; 525k Sim 120p Phillips, Parsonage.

Stores (324): A good entry of cattle was seen for this time of year, but selling to a steadier trade throughout compared to previous sales which saw heifers sell to an average of £542 while steers averaged £570/head. A smaller entry of bulls sold to an average of £300/head while topping at £485 for Simmentals from James, Cilhengroes; with others selling at: £465 Lim Summers, Llandre Uchaf; £450 BB Holland, Tremile; £215 H/Fr Roblin and Sons, Clynderwen Farm. Steer prices peaked at £845 for a Charolais from Phillips, Trewilym Isaf. Heifers topped at £885 for a Limousin from Rees Bros, Penanty.

Leading prices, heifers: Lim £885 Rees Bros, Penanty; Lim £850 Harries, Pantyffynnon; BB £760 Rees Bros, Penanty.

Steers: Char £845, £822 Phillips, Trewilym Isaf; Char £835 Jones, Maeslan; Lim £820 Cwmbettws Ltd, Cwmbettws.

Suckler cows (51): Another good entry of suckler cows and calves was seen with a higher proportion of older cows forward which met an easier trade but still selling to a good average of £905/head. Prices peaked at £1,200 for a BB with a BB calf at foot from Jenkins, Llwyncrwn who also sold a Limousin with a BB calf at foot at £1,190, £1,160 for a BB with a BB calf at foot, £1,145 for a BB with a BB calf at foot, £1,110 for a Limousin, £1,010 and £905 for Simmentals, £1,000 and £980 for AAs; £1,140 for a Limousin and BB with Limousin calves at foot from Thomas, Wenallt; £1,040 for a Limousin with a Charolais calf at foot from Thomas, Nantyrolchfa who also sold Limousins at £1,000, £975, £900 for a Hereford and Limousin, £895, £865, £860; £1,000 for a BB with a Limousin calf at foot from Davies, Twmpath who also sold at £860, £855.

Bulls (3): Prices peaked at £1,680 for a pedigree Charolais from Reynolds, Pentroydin. The 2002-born Limousin bull sold at £1,020 from Davies, Twmpath with the pedigree Hereford selling at £980 from Evans, Rhydhowell Fawr.



J.J. Morris reports: Once again there was a large entry in the sheep section, with over 1,100 prime lambs and 500 cull ewes. The lamb section met a strong trade, with the best peaking at 150p per kilo, overall average 140.3p per kilo. Cull ewes also met a stronger trade to previous weeks, with the best selling at £85.

In the cattle section, stores were very mixed in quality, with the best steers topping at £690 and heifers £695. Barren cows sold well throughout, with the emphasis being on quality, with the best topping at £1,025. The dairy section saw a few more entries, with the best peaking at £1,580. Calves as in previous weeks sold well, with the best bull topping at £252 and heifer at £192.

Top prices: 150p Monahan, Stember Farm, Rose Hill; 146.1p Jones, Blaenwaun Ganol, Llanwnen; 145p Evans, Garn, Plwmp.

Store lambs (93). £44.50 Lewis, Ty Phebi, St Nicholas; £39.50, 35.50, £28 Harries, Fron Bannon, Penygroes; £30 Eynon, Plasybedw, Efailwen; £24.50 Organ, Penrhiwdilfa, Gwernogle.

Cull ewes (509). £85 Davies, Rhandir, Tremain; £80, £68 Evans, Delfryn, Brynhoffnant; £73 Jones, Nantymawr, Llangrannog.

Store cattle/weaned calves (57).

Steers: £690, £575 George, Goitre, Boncath; £660, £540, £485 James, Eithinduon, Boncath; £490, £440, £430, £415 Jones, Pensarnddu Fawr, Tanygroes.

Heifers: £695 Evans, Delfryn, Brynhoffnant; £530, £520 George, Goitre, Boncath; £415, £395 Jones, Pensarnddu Fawr, Tanygroes.

Barren cows/overage cattle (43): £1,025, £950 James, Penlan, Llechryd; £960 Carlile, Helyg Fawr, Aberporth; £775, £740, £720, £680 Parkes, Pengaer, Eglwyswrw.

Dairy cattle (5): £1,580, £1,500, £1,370 Lewis, Morfa Uchaf, Newport; £1180 Shalar, Blaenpant, Bryn Iwan.

Cows and calves (4): £840 (x2) £760 £750 Evans, Parke, Boncath.

Calves (51): £252, £228, £192 (BB), £170 (Red Poll) Shalar, Blaenpant, Bryn Iwan; £238 (AA) Wood, Rhiwbren Fawr, Dihewyd; £225, £190 (Br White) Jones, Pantyrhendy, Llanarth.

Newcastle Emlyn

August 4th

Dai Lewis Auctioneers reports seasonal entries forward in all sections (102). Barren beef breeds peaked at 140p/kg and levelled at 118p/kg. Dairy breeds peaked at 122p/kg and levelled at 0.96p/kg. Store cattle and weaned calves saw another strong trade throughout.

Barrens (41): Overall average £612. £950, £680, £600 (2) Thomas, Drysgol Goch, Llwyndrain; £890, £855, £540 Davies, Glanwern, Felinfach; £790 (2) Jones, Rhydowen Farm, Rhydowen, Llandysul.

Cows and calves: £800 Rees, Tafarnscawen, Plwmp, Llandysul.

Steers overall average £660. £870, £850, £800 (2), £738 (4) Thomas, Fronwen, Horeb; £830, £685 Phillips, Blaencwm, Henfwlch Road; £750, £590 George, Coedlannau Fawr, Gwyddgrug.

Heifers overall average £623. £724 (2) Thomas, Fronwen, Horeb; £715, £600 George, Coedlannau Fawr, Gwyddgrug; £697, £630 (3) Phillips, Blaencwm, Henfwlch Road.

Weaned Calves. Steers overall average £530. £720 James, Bryngolau, Capel Iwan; £642, £538 (3), £490 James, Bron y Glyn, Glynarthen; £325 (2) Hickman, Penybryn Farm, Llangloffan. Heifers overall average £470. £670 James, Bryngolau, Capel Iwan; £485, £450 James, Bron y Glyn, Glynarthen; £398 Davies, Gellideg, Pencader; £320 Morgans, Blaengorlech Fach, Gwernogle.



J. J. Morris reports: Lambs (511): A fair entry of lambs was seen this week selling to an improved trade with the best quality continentals peaking at 149p/kg. The medium type lambs sold to an average of 140.47p/kg or £58.26/head. The overall market average was 140.03p/kg an increase of 2p/kg on the previous week.

Spring lambs: 39.5k Davies, Troedrhiw Fach 149p; 41.5k Williams and Son, Llwynbychan 149p; 40.5k Wilson and Partners, Common Church 149p.

A small entry of hoggets sold to a top price of 107p/kg for 45.50 kilos from Gibbon, Pwllywhead which sold at £48.50/head.

Cull ewes and rams (242): A disappointing entry of cull ewes and rams compared to last week but the sheep forward sold to a fast trade with the strong ewes selling to an average of £51/head with the lighter ewes averaging £21. Prices peaked at £90 for a Charolais ram from Davies, Ffordd Uchaf. Other leading ram prices: £70 Monahan, Stember Farm House; £66 Parry and Sons, Monksland Farm; £48, £47 Hughes and Butterfield, Pencraig.

Ewes peaked at £83.50 for Texels from Monahan, Stember Farm House who also sold at £75.50; £77, £68, £59.50, £58.50 Ford, Winterton Farm; £70.50 Davies, Ffordd Uchaf; £70 Phillips, Windsor Farm.

Fat cattle: Only two heifers were forward this week selling to a top price p/kg of 139.50p for a 540 kilo Limousin from Bussell, St Kennox Farm which sold for £753/head; 122.50p for a 650 kilo Welsh Black from James, Penybryn which sold for the top price/head of £796.

Barren cows (10): Another moderate entry of cows sold to an overall average of 92.02p/kg an improvement of 7p/kg on the previous week due to a better entry of quality cows. The better fleshed the cows the better the return. Prices p/kg peaked at 106p/kg for a 500 kilo Hereford from Nicholas, Dynaston. Reaching the top price/head of £790 was an 835 kilo Limousin cow from Rowlands, Cilgynydd.

Leading prices p/kg: Lim 690k at 100p Hughes, Waters Hill Farm; Fr 650k at 98p Hughes, Waters Hill Farm; MRI 565k at 98p Thomas, Great Letterston; Lim 835k at 95p Rowlands, Cilgynydd.

Overage heifer and steers (3): A good entry of overage cattle from Hughes, Waters Hill Farm sold to a top price p/kg of 138p for a 680 kilo Limousin steer which sold to a top of £935. Leading prices p/kg: Limousin steer 675kilos at 136p; Limousin steer 665kilos at 123p; Limousin heifer 595kilos at 113p; Limousin heifer 620kilos at 111p.

Calves: Bull calves sold to a top of £235 for a Limousin from Evans, Waterholmes Farm.

Newcastle Emlyn

August 6th

Dai Lewis Auctioneers reports: A seasonal entry forward in all sections. Lambs saw a steady run as per national trends as did stores and culls.

Sheep(605) Leading prices: 156.0, 145.4 Jones, Penrheol, Cwmsychbant; 152.0, 148.3, 148.1, 147.4, 147.2, 139.3 Rees, Mount Pleasant, Lampeter; 151.0, 146.8, 145.6, 137.8, 137.4 Jones, Trefaes Isaf, Llangwyrfon.

Store lambs overall average £44.30 £48.50 Jenny, Maengwyn, Blaenporth; £46 Jones, Tyhwnt, Penrherber; £43 £37 Ludlow and Son, Clunbele, Hermon.

Culls: Rams overall average £48. £60 Jones, Trefaes Isaf, Llangwyrfon; £36 Davies, Blaenbuarthe, Felindre.

Ewes overall average £47.50. £70, £65 Jones, Trefaes Isaf, Llangwyrfon; £70, £55 Jones, Pantycetris, Talgarreg; £53.50 Webb, Glifach y Gwnda Fach, Hermon, Cynwyl Elfed.