Newcastle Emlyn

October 1st

Store Lambs: £50, £41.50 Jenkins, Fronlas, Rhosfach; £49.50 Evans, Cwmarch, Penparc.

Cull ewes (223). £97, £92, £86, £84, £83 Morris, Castell Malgwyn, Llechryd; £94, £91, £78, £63 Thomas, Pantdwfn, Tegryn; £88, £83 Morgan, Pencefn, Ferwig.



J. J. MORRIS reports: A smaller entry of breeding sheep was seen, but trade remained at a good level.

Rams (39): A good entry of rams saw prices top at 360gns for a yearling Texel from Thomas and Son, Carswell Farm. Other leading yearling prices: 235gns (Texel) John and Son, Rhean Fawr; 220gns, 195gns (Texel) Windsor and Son, Fforest Farm; 205gns, 200gns, 185gns, 180gns, 165gns (Texel) Davies, Morfa Farm.

Yearling ewes (35): £80, £74, £70 Prichard, Calcut; £71, £62, £60 Evans, Huelfa Lodge; £67 Lewis, Whitelodge.

Ewes (64): A reduced number of ewes saw prices top at £97 for a mixture of one and two year olds from Harries, Causeway Farm. Others: £90 (two and three year olds) Jones, Trenewydd; £86, £66 (full mouths) Harries, Causeway Farm; £85 (full mouths) Lewis, Whitelodge; £68 (three and four year olds) James, Crugllwyd; £60 (two and three year olds), £59 and £47 (full mouths) Rees, South Wood Farm. Ewe lambs (86): £54, £49 Douch, Llwyngwyn; £54, £52 Morris, Yr Ostrey; £48, £40, £36.50 James, Pentrissillt; £40 James, Greenacres.

Store lambs (43): £58, £56 Thomas, Chapel Farm; £53, at £52, £49, £40 Poore, Gelli Dogin; £49 James, Crugllwyd; £41.50, £40 Bound, 49 High Street.



J. J. MORRIS reports: Trade remained steady in all sections.

Grazing cows (25): A good entry of grazing cows saw prices top at 133p/kg with the overall market average at 93.74p/kg approximately 4p/kg up on the previous sale or £580/head, a £50/head increase on the last sale. Top prices p/kg: Simmental 555k at 133p Thomas, Shipping Farm; Limousin 585k at 124p Evans, Delfryn; Holstein Friesian 650k at 115p Thomas, Foxhole.

Store cattle (399): A reduced entry of store cattle compared to previous sales that saw steers sell to an average of £630/head while heifers and bulls averaged £550 and £275 respectively. Prices topped at £845 for heifers while the best steers topped at £915. Top heifers: Limousin £845 Glanville, Llwyn Pinner Farm; Belgian Blue £810 Rees, Stubble Borough; Charolais £785 Thomas, Shipping Farm.

Top steers: Belgian Blue £915, Limousin £915, Belgian Blue £870, Limousin £860 Jenkins and Son, Lower House Farm; Limousin £910 Rees and Son, Gernos Fach; Charolais £860 Howells, Henllan. Bulls (14): Limousin £605 Howells, Eithinduon Isaf; Charolais £500 Williams, Blaenbarre; Belgian Blue £400 Boulton, Berllan Dawel.

Suckler cows (17): A smaller entry of cows and calves was seen selling to an overall average of £936 a good average due to a very mixed bunch of cows in terms of quality, with some very nice cows forward which was reflected in the top prices. A record commercial top price of £1,710 (Limousin second calver with Limousin heifer calf at heel), £1,300 (Limousin with a Limousin heifer calf at foot); Hains, Old Church; £1,100, £920 (Belgian Blue) Davies and Sons, Waunllanau Isaf; £1,090, £1,080, £875 (Limousins with a Charolais calves at foot) Jones, Eithinduon Uchaf.

Breeding bull (1): A pedigree Charolais topped at £1,030 from Williams, Blaenbarre.



J. J. MORRIS reports: Lambs (567): A decent entry of lambs was seen selling to a much better trade compared to the dip in prices experienced over the last two weeks. The medium weight lambs sold to an average of 139.71p/kg or £58.90/head with the overall market average at 138.58p/kg a step in the right direction with an increase of 12p/kg compared to last week. More lambs could have been sold to advantage.

Top p/kg: 37k 149p John, Pantyderi Farm; 40k 147p Fairclough, Frowen; 42.5k 146p Bailey, Pensarn.

Cull ewes (191): A very disappointing entry of ewes was seen this week compared to previous Tuesdays and in light of the strong trade for ewes. Again the best demand was seen for the heavier stronger type ewes, which sold to an overall average of £48 with the lighter ewes at £26. Ewes: £82, £76, £47 Howells, Aelybryn; £79, £61, £52 Davies Bros, Trefere Uchaf; £70 Thomas and Son, Cildywyll.

Fat cattle(12): A good entry of fat cattle was seen selling to a good trade with the best continental cattle topping at 150.50p/kg and £1,207/head. Steers sold to an average of 138.80p/kg while heifers averaged 132.27p/kg. Top p/kg: Limousin (steer) 560k at 150.5p, Belgian Blue (steer) 665k at 149.5p, Belgian Blue (steer) 830k at 145.5p, Belgian Blue (steer) 740k at 145.5p Jenkins and Son, Lower House Farm; Holstein Friesian (steer) 615k at 145.5p, Limousin (heifer) 520k at 144.5p, Limousin (heifer) 470k at 140.5p Jones and Randall, Rhandir.

Overage heifers (5): Heifers sold to an overall average of 125.09p/kg or £698/head. Top prices p/kg: Limousin 560k at 130p, Simmental 620k at 127p, Limousin 680k at 125p Harris and Son, Ffosddu Fach; Simmental 470k at 122p Davies, Mount Pleasant.

Cull cows (15): Another good entry of cows was seen with a high proportion of plainer dairy bred cows, which brought the average down to 71.87p/kg. Top p/kg: Belgian Blue 565k at 115p, Limousin 610k at 93p Davies, Gelligroes Farm; Montb 630k at 89p Edwards, Cefnmwynant; Friesian 710k at 82p, Friesian 650k at 81p Thomas, Bronwydd Farm.

Calves: Dairy bred bull calves topped at £40 for a Holstein Friesian from Nicholas, Cilmoor Farm.


October 7th

J. J. Morris reports: Another good entry of just under 2,000 sheep forward. The trade was good in all sections, especially the store lamb section, where a large number of buyers were in attendance.

Store lambs sold to a maximum of £61, with an overall average of £41.50. £61 Vaughan-Thomas, Nantgwyn, Eglwyswrw; £61, £60 Williams, St Dogwells Park Farm, Wolfscastle; £59, £51.50 Jenkins, Nantyclyn, Brynberian.

Breeding ewes: The majority were Welsh ewes selling to a maximum of £69. £69, £68, £64 Rees, Penanty, Brynberian; £68, £65 Jones, Blaencwm, Crymych; £68 James, 102 Maesglas, Cardigan.

Breeding rams: A good selection of different breeds entered in this section, selling to a maximum of £335. £335, £300 (2) (Charollais) Bowen, Gwyndy, Llandeloy; £240, £210 Davies, Greenway, Rosebush; £205 James, Newton East, Wolfscastle.

Cull ewes: An increased entry forward. £72, £51, £46 Davies, Morfa Farm, Mathry; £66 Evans, Cwmcloch, Meidrim; £61 Thomas, Graig, Hebron.

Newcastle Emlyn

October 8th

Dai Lewis Auctioneers reports: Another comparable entry forward in all sections. Lambs saw a brisker run as per national levels, but with a lot more heavier sorts presented. Stores sold to a brisk run as did culls.

Leading prices: 139.9, 136.0 Jones, Pantycetris, Talgarreg, Llandysul; 139.6, 139.2 Davies, Plas Troedyraur, Beulah, Newcastle Emlyn; 139.6, 137.5, 136.5, 135.2 Davies, Esgerddedwydd, Pontsian, Llandysul.

Store lambs overall average £48.22. £54 Williams, Cwmbran, Felindre, Llandysul; £53.20, £45.50 Jones, Nantypele, New Quay; £52.50, £40 Davies, Llwynifan, Cellan, Lampeter.

Ewe lambs to £50 Hurrell, Talybryn, Llwyncefn, Aberaeron Stock rams to £160 Davies, Llwynifan, Cellan Culls – rams £35 Davies, Llwynifan Isaf, Llandysul.

Ewes overall average £40.24. £63, £50 Davies, Plas Troedyraur, Beulah; £50.50, £40.00 Jones, Penbuarth, Newcastle Emlyn; £40, £38 Jones, Brafle, Pentrecwrt.