October 26th

J. J. Morris reports: Fewer sheep forward than the previous week, but a much better trade evident. Store lambs were in great demand and cull ewes sold well. Calves, as in previous weeks, sold to a good trade.

Prime lambs (569). Leading prices: 145.0. Monahan, Stember Farm, Rose Hill; 143.3 Eynon, Plasybedw, Efailwen; 143.1 143.0 140.9 140.0 Jones, Penlan-y-Mor, Llanarth.

Store lambs (88): £50 £49 £38 Griffiths, Perthiaur, Penparc; £39.50 Jenkins, Fronlas, Rhosfach; £38 £35.50 Davies and Hill, Eisteddfa Arthur, Brynberian.

Cull ewes (163): £88 £75 £72 £60 Monahan, Stember Farm, Rose Hill; £70 £52 James, Bwlchclawdd, Crymych; £65 £64 Parkes, Pengaer, Eglwyswrw.

Calves (33): £300 £282 £250 £212 (Ch) Thomas, Glandwr Ceibwr, Moylegrove; £270 £240 (Ch) £192 (Hfd) Bevan, Penymynnydd, Puncheston; £190 (BB) Thomas, Cwmgloyne, Felindre Farchog.

Newcastle Emlyn

October 27th

Dai Lewis Auctioneers reports: Another good entry forward in all sections (322). Barrens met a brisk run throughout, but with more plainer types presented. Weaned calves and store cattle met a flying trade once again, with more farmer buyers present, and with many leaving empty handed. Cows and calves also sold to a brisk run.

Stock bull: Lim, £830, Richards, Gwarnant, Cwrtnewydd, Llanybydder.

Barrens, overall average £563: £1,000 £665 Pittam, Tyrhaul, Rhydlewis, Llandysul; £858 £625 Thomas, Nantyconstable, Ffostrasol, Llandysul; £820 Davies, Crugiwan, Trelech, Carmarthen.

Cows and calves, overall average £650: £755 Williams, Blaenbarre, Rhydlewis; £650 £550 Williams, Cwmbran, Felindre, Llandysul; £645 Hopkins, Bargoed, Llwyncelyn, Aberaeron.

Weaned calves, leading prices: Steers overall average £686: £908 (2) £825 £808 (4) £805 Lewis, Tyngwndwn, Dihewyd, Lampeter; £845 Davies, Brynbychan, Rhydlewis; £748 Griffiths, Blaenffynnon, Cynwyl Elfed.

Store cattle, leading prices: Steers overall average £675: £995 £840 Evans, Dyffryn Brodyn, Blaenwaun; £890 £740 £715 (2) £690 Pittan, Tyrhaul, Rhydlewis; £872 (2) £800 (2) Belgrove, Aberdyfnant, Llanfyrnach.

Heifers overall average £591: £815 £765 £720 £715 £695 £690 Thomas, Nantyconstable, Ffostrasol; £765 (3) Evans, Rhydsais, Talgarreg; £690 (3) £665 (2) Davies, Penrallt, Nanternis, New Quay.



J. J. MORRIS reports: Lambs (767): A much better entry of lambs was seen this week compared to last week with nearly double the number of lambs forward. The overall market average was similar to last week, and a little better than the national average.

Cull ewes and rams (184): A small entry of ewes and rams was seen this week being very varied in quality, which saw the stronger and heavier type ewes sell to a fast trade. The stronger type ewes were well contested and sold to an average of £47 with the lighter ewes averaging £18/head. The best ewes: £90 Harris, Ffosddu Fach, £85 Walker, Wernlas; £81 Shanklin, Badgers Drift Farm.

Wethers sold to a top of £66 from Percy, Plas Bach.

A good entry of strong rams saw prices peak at £74, £73 from Shanklin, Badgers Drift Farm; £63.50 Vaughan, Llysyrawel; £59 Lockley, Churchlands Farm.

Fat cattle: Two steers from Reynolds, Pentroydin sold to a top of 141.50p/kg and £785 for a 555k Limousin steer, while the other 575k Limousin steer sold at 130.50p/kg and £750/head.

Overage heifers (3): A small entry of heifers all from Harris and Son, Ffosddu Fach sold to an average of 128.28p/kg and £733/head.

Cull cows: A disappointing entry of cows was seen this week compared to previous sales selling to an overall average of 72.70p/kg or £408/head.

Calves: Bull calves topped at £230 for a Limousin bull from Howells, Nantygof who also sold another Limousin bull at £200. Dairy bred calves topped at £75 for a Shorthorn from Woolley, Pencraig who also sold further Shorthorn calves at £45 and £30; £20 for a Friesian from Thomas, Little Pale.



J. J. MORRIS reports: A good entry of better quality cattle was seen this month to include 64 cull cows, one cull bull, two overage heifers and seven overage steers and 16 underage fat cattle from herds under TB restrictions. Once again the well fleshed cows sold to a good trade. A good entry of fat cattle was seen. Cows and bull (65): A much better display of cows was seen selling to a an overall average of 79.82p/kg with the best cows topping at 115p/kg for a 650 kilo Simmental cow from Fairclough, Frowen. Making the best price on the night was a 750 kilo Simmental from Gibbard, Blaenpant which sold at £845.

Overage cattle (9): Overage heifers averaged at 92.79p/kg while steers sold to an average of 112.79p/kg. Overage steers topped at 130p/kg for a 505 kilo Limousin steer from Williams and Son, Cilowen with prices per head peaking at £850 for a 680 kilo Limousin steer from Owen, Canerw.

Fat cattle (16): A good entry of fat cattle saw prices peak at 153.50p/kg for a 630 kilo Limousin steer from Williams and Son, Cilowen. Prices topped at £969 for a 710 kilo Limousin steer from Owen, Canerw.

Newcastle Emlyn

October 29th

Dai Lewis Auctioneers reports: Another comparable entry forward. Lambs saw another brisk run for all sorts, and up from the beginning of the week. Stores had a fast trade with demand for all weight ranges. A lot more plain type culls were presented and sold to a fluid trade throughout.

Sheep (1,025). Leading prices: 147.6 140.6 147.5 145.6 Owen, 22 Crugyn Dimai, Rhydyfelin, Aberystwyth; 144.1 139.5 Davies, Blaencwm, Rhydowen, Llandysul; 142.0 139.7 137.6 Webster, Nantyrefail, Oakford, Llanarth.

Store lambs, overall average £45.91: £59 Davies, Llwynifan, Cellan, Lampeter; £58, £49 Jones, Nantypele, New Quay; £54.50, £43.50 Evans, Blaenhafod, Ffostrasol, Llandysul.

Breeding stock: Ewes to £48.50 and rams to £53 Lloyd, Nantyffin, Talgarreg.

Cull ewes, overall average £34.23: £43.50 Davies, Moelfran Mawr, Bethania, Llanon; £42.80 £37 Jones, Blaenbowi, Capel Iwan; £38.50 £32.50 Lewis, Penrallt, Felindre.