J. J. MORRIS reports: A moderate entry of cattle was seen with the store trade being a little easier than previous weeks, with the terrible weather not helping matters. A smaller entry of grazing cows was seen with prices remaining steady.

Grazing cows and overage cattle (20): A smaller entry of cows was seen this sale selling to a top of £830 for a 705 kilo Belgian Blue. from James, Danffordd which also topped at 108p/kg. Top prices p/kg: Belgian Blue 765k at 108p James, Danffordd; Charolais 710k at 105p, 650k at 101p Stevens, Salt House; Limousin 600k at 103p Reynolds, Pentroydin.

Store cattle (410): A smaller entry of store cattle was seen on Saturday with cattle selling to a steadier trade with the terrible weather not helping matters. The best of the heifers topped at £770 with steers reaching £840 and bulls topping at £700. Steers sold to an average of £620 while heifers and bulls averaged £540 and £410 respectively.

Top heifer (182) prices: Belgian Blue £770, £732, Charolais £748, £732, Simmental £650 Canton, Saddlers Cottage; Charolais £690 Vaughan, Home Farm; Limousin £685 Phillips, Lleine.

Top steer (181) prices: Limousin £840, Belgian Blue £835, Hereford £770 Williams and Son, Ffynnoncyff; Belgian Blue £820 James, Tresiencyn; Aberdeen Angus £810 Davies, Dyffryntrogyn.

Top bull (47) prices: Simmental £700 Solomon, Campbell Farm; Limousin £590, £540, Hereford £460 Bush, Blaendyflin; Welsh Black £545, £530 Washbourne, Cwm Coch.

Suckler cows (22): £1,170 Limousin, Belgian Blue at £1,060 Davies, Twmpath; £960, £920, £870, £790 Charolais Harries, Croft Farm; £940, £875, £860, £850 Aberdeen Angus Dyer, Pen-Y-Feidr.

In calf cows (22): A special entry of in calvers from Thomas, 26 Flemish Close. £690 Limousin, £680, £580, £550 Charolais, £650 Belgian Blue, £540, £520, £460 Hereford; £595, £550 Charolais Harries, Croft Farm.

Breeding bulls (3): £1,400 Charolais Rowlands, Cilgynydd; £1,040, £800 Belgian Blue James, Danffordd.

Store lambs. Ewe lambs topped at £52.50 from James, Gellyglyd who also sold at £44; store lambs topped at £43.50 from Phillips, Maesydderwen who also sold at £41.


November 23rd

J. J. Morris reports another excellent entry in the sheep section, with a total entry of 1,493 head. The prime lamb was similar to the previous week and store lambs again sold well. With over 400 cull ewes on offer, there was a buoyant trade.

Overall average 152.68p. Top prices: 165.1, 162.3, 161.1 Owens, Glantre, Pontsian; 162.6 Jones, Clynmelyn, Dolgran Road; 162.0 Salmon, Trepant, Morvil.

Store lambs (55): £66, £60.50 Winsor, Plas Pantsaeson, Moylegrove; £63.50 Salmon, Trepant, Morvil; £54 James, Bwlchclawdd, Crymych.

Cull ewes (406). £96, £70 Howells, Tycam, Llanwennog; £94, £82, £74 Davies, Troedrhiw Fach, Blaencelyn; £92, £87, £85, £82 etc Morris, Castell Malgwyn, Llechryd.

Calves (26): £218 (Belgian Blue) Boulton, Berllan Dawel, Hebron; £188 (Limousin) Davies, Penrhiwlas, Llanarth; £138 (Belgian Blue) Grooms, Tyhen, Sarnau.

Newcastle Emlyn

November 24th

Dai Lewis Auctioneers reports: A seasonal entry forward in all sections (259). Barrens sold to a steady run throughout, with seasonal variations in quality of cattle presented. Weaned calves and store cattle again met a fast trade, with quality being more varied this time.

Barrens (66) overall average £496. £820, £570 Jones, Dyffryn Saith, Tresaith, Cardigan; £750 Howells, Sarnau, Trelech; £700, £650, £640, £635 (2) Powell, Blaensylgen, Bryn Iwan, Cynywl Elfed.

Bulls overall average £587.50. £620, £555 Davies, Rhosgeler, Rhos, Llandysul.

Over-age steers: £700, £600 Rees, Dolifor, Penrhiwllan, Llandysul; £603, £510 Powell, Blaensylgen, Cynwyl Elfed.

Cow and calf £650 Thomas, Rhoswen, Alltwalis, Carmarthen.

Friesian bulling heifer £590 Grooms, Tyhen, Penbryn, Sarnau, Llandysul.

Weaned calves leading prices bulls: £340 etc Biggs, Bronant, Croeslan, Llandysul.

Steers overalll average £575. £830, £670 (2) Lewis, Stradmore, Cenarth; £782 Thomas, Nantyconstable, Ffostrasol; £778, £770 (2), £700, £625, £550 Thomas, Llynddwr, Horeb.

Heifers overall average £439. £645, £540 (3), £520 Thomas, Llynddwr, Horeb; £558, £480 Evans, Nantyrhawl, Penrherber, Newcastle Emlyn; £500 Phillips, Cnwcgwyn, Plwmp.

Store cattle leading prices: Bulls: £488 (2) etc Grooms Tyhen, Penbryn, Sarnau.

Steers overall average £666. £885, £875, £860, £840, £830, £830, £825, £820, £792, £780 Thomas, Nantyconstable, Ffostrasol; £870 (2), £720 (3), 618 Evans, Rhydsais, Talgarreg; £455 Grooms, Tyhen, Penbryn, Sarnau.



J. J. Morris reports. Lambs (709): A moderate entry of lambs was seen with a few less compared to last week but trade remained at a good level. More lambs could have been sold to advantage. Top p/kg: 38.5k 164p, 36.5k 159p Fairclough, Frowen; 32.5k 162p Jones, Pentrefynys; 39k 162p Williams, Llandawke West Farm.

Overall market average: 156.51p/kg.

Cull ewes and rams (227): A moderate entry of ewes and rams was seen selling to a steady trade with a mixed bunch of ewes present with the best demand being for the stronger types, which sold to an average of £43 with the lighter ewes at £24. Ewes: £79, £68 Howells and Sons, Sarnlas Farm; £75, £70, £68, £60 James and Sons, Awelfryn; £70, £40 Clements, Tygwyn Farm. Rams: £46 Turpin, Great Merrixton Farm; £44 Walker, Wernlas; £43 Owen, Lan; £40 Llewellyn and Sons, Llwyndwr Farm.

Fat cattle (4): Top p/kg: Charolais (h) 540k at 137.5p, 555k at 130.5p, Harries, Causeway Farm; Charolais (s) 715k at £961, 715k at 134.5p Thomas, Cresswell; Hereford (h) 590k at 118.5p Davies and Co, Llechclawdd.

Overage cattle (9): Overage steers and heifers sold to an average of 116p/kg with prices £/head at £760 and £685 respectively. Prices peaked at 127p/kg and £885/head.

Top p/kg: Friesian (h) 600k at 127p, 675k at 118p Davies and Co, Llechclawdd; Limousin (s) 660k at 123p, Meuse Rhine Issel (s) 760k at 116p, Hereford (s) 690k at 114p Harries, Causeway Farm; Limousin (h) 570k at 114p, Limousin (h) 575k at 113p Rees, Stubble Borough.

Cull cows (14): A moderate entry of cows was seen this week with many plain cows forward selling to a top of 98p/kg and £650 for a 660 kilo Aberdeen Angus from Jones, Penclippin with the overall average at 76.11p/kg and £460/head.

Top p/kg: Aberdeen Angus 660k at 98p, 590k at 86p Jones, Penclippin; Hereford 550k at 91p, Charolais 560k at 89p Harries, Causeway Farm; Friesian 715k at 88p Caswell, Berthlwyd.

Calves: A small entry of good quality Friesian bull calves sold to a top of £92 from Thomas, Little Pale who also sold at £70, £68 and £62.

Newcastle Emlyn

November 26th

Dai Lewis Auctioneers reports:
Similar numbers forward in all sections. Lambs saw a faster run to the beginning of the week, and was in overall comparison to last week’s trade, with keen competition for medium weight, well meated lambs. Stores again sold to a fast run, and culls saw an upward surge, as numbers see a seasonal drying up.

Leading prices: 179.0, 178.1, 172.5 Tomkinson, Brynyrefail, Oakford, Llanarth; 169.6, 165.7, 163.7, 163.3, 162.9, 162.0, 161.7, 160.9 Owen, 22 Crugyn Dimai, Rhydyfelin, Aberystwyth; 166.7 Powell, Blaenwaun, Rhydlewis.

Store lambs overall average £50.99. £71, £50, £43 Davies, Cwmcynon, Llwyndafydd, New Quay; £66 Jones, Fronwilym, Llanarth; £63 Grodzicki, Llysywern, Pentrecwrt, Llandysul.

Culls. Rams overall average £73.33. £79, £75, £66 Evans, Coedperthi, Beulah.

Ewes overall average £55.35. £100 Davies, Gwndwn, New Inn, Pencader; £70, £50 Robb, Parctwad, Llechryd, Cardigan; £64, £55 Williams, Treale, Felindre, Llandysul.