February 1st

J. J. Morris reports – Another good turnout with a total entry of 107 head of cattle, 623 head of sheep and 22 calves.

Store cattle met a strong trade throughout and barren cows were also in great demand. The sheep section met a strong trade for all sections, prime hoggets again sold well, although there were fewer entered, due to the time of year. Cull ewes continue to sell well and the first entry of the year in the ewe and lamb section saw a tremendous trade, which bodes well for the forthcoming season.

Store Cattle (57): Steers top prices: £1,000 Jones, Lion, Beulah; £748, £715 Lewis, Glanllynan, Cardigan; £715 James, Llwyngwydd, Glanrhyd. Heifers: £845, £695 Lewis, Glanllynan, Cardigan; £695, £625, £590, £585 etc Davies, Alltgoch, Brynhoffnant; £600, £598 Vaughan, Llwyncelyn, Llangolman.

Barren cows (46): £955, £870 James, Ciliau Hwnt, Blaencelyn; £910 Jones, Lion, Beulah; £840, £810, £740 Morris, Pencwarre, Llechryd.

In-calf heifers (3): £1,380 £1,300 £1,180 Lewis, Glanllynan, Cardigan.

Under-age bull (1): £805 James, Ffynnoncripil, Ponthirwaun.

Calves (22): £200, £185 (Belgian Blue) Jones, Rhydygofaint, Llanarth; £188, £182 (Limousin) Jones, Neuadd, Llanarth; £180, £138 (Hereford) Morgan, Cwrt, Llanarth.

Top prices: 203.7 Jones, Penlan-y-Mor, Llanarth; 196.4, 195.8, 193.1, 190.9, 190.0 Phillips, Trewilym Isaf, Eglwyswrw; 196.1 Davies, Trefere Uchaf, Penparc.

Store lambs (23): £59 Hebblethwaite, Maesycoed, Blaenannerch; £54 Griffiths, Gilwen, Newport; £52.50 Taylor, Gwernyrefail, Cross Inn.

Cull ewes (218): £127 Evans, Cwmsaeson, Oakford; £116 Davies, Trefere Uchaf, Penparc; £104, £80 Monahan, Stember Farmhouse, Rose Hill.

Ewes and lambs (4): £162 (singles) Monahan, Stember Farmhouse, Rose Hill.



J. J. Morris reports: Prime hoggets (842): A very good entry of lambs was seen, with nearly 300 more than the last week, but demand was still strong.

Top prices p/kg: 28k 206p James, Llwynyronnen; 38k 200p James, Newton East; 40k 199p Phillips, Upper Portclew.

Cull ewes and rams: A better entry of ewes was seen this week, selling to an improved trade compared to the last few weeks. The bigger type ewes were in good demand and sold to an overall average of £70/head. Top prices: £124, £91 Texels, Marlsborough Farm Ltd, Marlsborough; £110 Suffolks, Griffiths, Y Bwthyn; £96.50 Williams and Son, Llwynbychan.

Rams: £82 Jones, Trenichol; £70, £53 Rees, South Wood Farm; £67.50 Rowe, Langton Farm.

Fat cattle: A small entry of Herefords from Davies, Mount Pleasant, topped at 130.5p/kg for a 610 kilo steer, the same p/kg was also paid for a 580 kilo steer, 125.5p for a 565 kilo heifer. Top prices at £796 for the 610 kilo steer, £756 for the 580 kilo steer and £709 for the 565 kilo heifer.

Overage heifers: Two overage heifers from Harris and Son, Ffosddu Fach, sold to a top price of 128p/kg for a 650 kilo Belgian Blue. The same vendor also sold a 620 kilo Simmental at 123p/kg. Prices topped at £830 for the 650 kilo Belgian Blue and £765 for the 620 kilo Simmental.

Cull cows (13): The best continental cows topped at 118p/kg and £805/head, with the best black and whites reaching 91p/kg and £750/head. Cows sold to an overall average of 86p/kg and £570/head.

Top price p/kg: Limousin 650k at 118p; 695k at 116p Phillips, Esgerddeugoed; Meuse Rhine Issel 630k at 92p Thomas, Great Letterston Farm; Holstein Friesian 760k at 91p, Evans, Cilhengroes.

Newcastle Emlyn

February 2nd

Dai Lewis Auctioneers report as follows: A seasonal entry forward in all sections (201). Barrens sold to a brisk run, but quality was of a lower standard throughout. Weaned and store cattle sold to another fast run, with a general good quality presented, with particular demand for meatier sorts.

Barrens (72) overall average £557; £760, £570 Currado, Meribah, Tanglwst; £760 Owens, Glancorrwg, Llanpumsaint; £745, £665 Jenkins, Beiligwyn, Capel Dewi.

Barren bull: £610 Maskell, Cwmgest, Talog.

Weaned calves’ leading prices: Steers’ overall average £652; £940, £755 Dafis and Jones, Rhydyfallen, Llanarth; £760, £730 Evans, Nantygwyddau, Pontsian; £730, £605, £582 (3), £580, £574, £538, £532 Thomas, Clungarthen, Trelech. Heifers’ overall average £548; £640, £600 Dafis and Jones, Rhydyfallen, Llanarth; £622 Thomas, Clungarthen, Trelech; £562, £520, £515 Davies, Cwmcynon, Llwyndafydd.

Store cattle leading prices: Steers’ overall average £757; £1,020 Evans, Garn, Plwmp; £935, £932, £892, £840, £810, £765, £760 Cooper, Gilfachwith, Horeb; £935, £830, £805, £800 Davies, Blaendyffryn Farm, Horeb.

Heifers’ overall average £636; £862 Evans, Garn, Plwmp; £768 Davies, Blaendyffryn Farm, Horeb; £700, £550 Belgrove, Aberdyfnant, Llanfyrnach.

Newcastle Emlyn

February 4th

Dai Lewis Auctioneers reports: Another good entry forward in all sections. Hogs maintained recent strong levels, with keen demand for all weight categories. Stores sold to a brisk run and culls again saw a fast trade. Breeding stock saw a more selective run to compare with the previous week.

Leading prices: 197.6, 192.5 Thomas, Cwmdyllest, Pontsian, Llandysul; 192.6, 190.9 (2), 190.3, 189.4, 188.7, 187.6 etc Owen, Tynddol, Ffair Rhos, Ystrad Meurig; 192.3 Hunter, Trecwn Isaf, Cippyn, St Dogmaels.

Store hogs’ overall average £45.06; £69 Davies, Pantswllt, Talgarreg; £53, £43.50 Davies, Cefnystrad, Felinfach; £52 Evans-Hennings, Llwynbeili, Felindre.

In-lamb ewes’ overall average £65.88; £79, £70, £65 (4) etc P. J. Gardening Services, Cefn Esgaironnen, Llanarth; £70 Ede, Gors Bungalow, Rhydargaeau.

Ewe and lamb couples’ overall average £93.31; £105, £100 (2), £95, £91 (3), £90 (3) Thomas, Clungarthen, Trelech.

Culls: Rams’ overall average £62.79; £96.50 Griffiths, Pantyrhelmau, Talog; £87.50, £66.50 Ede, Gors Bungalow, Rhydargaeau. Ewes’ overall average £72.92; £113.50 Organ, Arwel, Coedybryn, Llandysul; £111.50 Evans-Hennings, Llwynbeili, Felindre; £101.50, £73.50 Evans, 4 Bro Dyfriog, Llandyfriog.