J. J. MORRIS reports: Grazing cows and overage cattle (30): Top price: 126p, Rees, Kiln Park Farm.

Store cattle (375). Heifers: Average £590, top prices: £910, Rees Bros, Penanty; £795 Eynon, Penrallt Fach; £770 Glanville, Llwyn Pinner. Steers: Average £685, top prices: £905, James, Close Farm; £895 Eynon, Penrallt Fach; £890 Rees Bros, Penanty. Store bulls: Average £420, top prices: £730, Priddey, Caermalwas Fawr; £500 James, Close Farm; £470 Pugh, Morgan and Sons, Penrhys Fawr.

Suckler cows and in-calf cows: £960, Rees, Kiln Park Farm; £900, Edwards, Clover Hill. In-calvers: £785, Raymond, Swmbarch; £715, Elven, Blaenherber; £615, Sacco, Parcyneithw.

Breeding bulls (2): £1,480, Limousin, Thomas, Dolau Newydd; £760, Charolais, Luke, Upper Bridge Farm.

Ewes and lambs: Overall average £117, top prices: £170, Earle, Llwyncrwn; £165, Thomas and Son, Cildywyll; £158, Evans, Parc-y-Pwll.

In-lamb ewes: £96, Davies, Blaenweirglodd; £53, Rees, Whispers; £44, Thomas, 26 Flemish Close; £44 Walters, Upper Castle Ely.



J. J. Morris reports: Hoggets saw a slightly easier run but cull ewes sold to an exceptional trade. Calves once again sold well.

Prime hoggets (618) overall average 179.1p. Top prices: 193.7, Owens, Glantre, Pontsian; 191.4, Phillips, Trewilym Isaf, Eglwyswrw; 187.8 Davies, Awelfa, Trelech.

Cull ewes (208). Top prices: £140, £96.50 Williams, Llyw-y-Wawr, Penuwch; £136 Jones, Rhydygofaint, Llanarth; £122, Jones, Moelfre, Lampeter.

Ewes and lambs (6): Top price: £143, Richards, 38 Bro Gwynfain, Croeslan.

A special entry of 47 Texel in-lamb ewes were sold for J. A. James, Penfeidr, Ferwig, and sold to 295gns, 265gns, 260gns, 255 gns, 250 gns.

Calves (28): Top prices: £248, Fforest Farms, Newport; £185, Thomas, Cwmgloyne, Felindre Farchog; £170, Lloyd, Tegfan, Llanarth.


February 24th

J. J. Morris reports: A total entry of 718 with a good trade in the store lamb section. Cull ewes sold to a steady trade, with the quality being very mixed.

Store lambs (493). Top prices: £84 Howells. Garth Villa, Drefach; £81, Evans, Bryncleddau, Wolfscastle; £74.50, Coney, Lower End Town, Lampeter Velfrey.

Cull ewes (220). Top prices: £83 Gwynne, Blaenbedw Isaf, Plwmp; £81, Harries, Fronhelyg, Glandwr; £78 Bryan, Dale Hill, Dale.

Ewes and lambs (5). Top price: £115, Thomas, Gwarllwyn, Glandwr.



J. J. MORRIS reports: A very good entry of prime hoggets (745) sold to an overall average of 177.71p/kg.

Cull ewes and rams (190): Overall average £60, top prices: £110, Thomas, Carregllys; £105 Davies and Sons, Brynygroes Fawr; £100, Thomas, Fferm Bryngwyn.

Rams: £70, Evans, Cefnhernin; £64 Thomas, Lanygors; £60.50, Hughes, Glan-yr-Afon.

Ewes and lambs: £175, Morris, Brynhyfryd .

Fat cattle: 135.50p/kg, Davies, Mount Pleasant; 123.50p, Thomas, Cresswell.

Cull cows and overage cattle (14): An improved entry sold to a top price of 120p/kg for a 620kg Belgian Blue. Cows averaged 99p/kg and overage cattle topped 120p/kg.

Calves: £145, Evans, Waterholmes.



J. J. MORRIS reports: Another good entry from herds under TB restrictions, with all cows keenly contested.

Cows (53): Overall average 91.07p/kg. Top prices: 128p, Belgian Blue 640kg, Hughes and Sons, Pentroydin; 126p. Limousin 590kg, Charles, Aberglwydeth; 115p, Simmental 680kg, Morris, Castell Malgwyn Farm.

Fat cattle: A small entry sold to 137.50p/kg for a 585kg Limousin steer from Charles, Aberglwydeth.

Newcastle Emlyn

February 25th

Dai Lewis Auctioneers reports: A seasonal entry in all sections (822). Hoggets saw a brisk trade for all categories, stores met a fast run, and culls maintained a strong demand for all sorts.

Hoggets overall average: 180.2 p/kg. Leading prices: 194.6, Thomas, Wauntrealau, Tanygroes; 192.5, Davies, Trefaes Fawr, Beulah; 191.2, Davies, Pantswllt, Talgarreg.

Store hoggets overall average £49.43. Top prices: £65, Stephens, Blaenarthen, Brongest; £58.50, Lewis, Coedycwm, Cwmcou; £53.50, Jones, Pantycetris, Talgarreg.

Ewe and lamb couples: £63, Williams, Panthwdog, Cynwyl Elfed.

Cull rams overall average £94.33. Top prices: £114.50, Phillips, Bronllan, Penybont; £113.50, Thomas, Wauntrefalau, Tanygroes; £72.50, Jones, Pantbach, Talgarreg.

Cull ewes overall average £70.13. Top prices: £117.50, Francis, Pantyrhebog, Felindre; £109.50, Jones, Gorlan, Pantybwlch, Newcastle Emlyn; £109.50, Davies, Catsell Gorwyn, Meidrim.