May 26TH

J. J. Morris reports: A fair entry of cull cows from herds under TB restrictions.

Cull cows (37): Overall average 99.83p/kg. Top price: Aberdeen Angus, 560kg, 122p; Hartt and ons, Longford Farm.

Overage cattle (4): Steers overall average 108.19p/kg, heifers overall average 108.80p/kg. Top price: Friesian steer, 565kg, 116p, Hartt and sons, Longford Farm.

Friesian bull: £806, Johns, Pencnwc.


May 31st

J. J. Morris reports: A good turnout with a steady trade throughout.

Prime lambs (523) overall average 200.3p. Top price: 210.8, Davies, Rhandir, Tremain.

Prime hoggets (21): £72.50, Davies, Alltgoch, Brynhoffnant.

Cull ewes (325): £95, Evans, Penrallt, Llantood.

Calves (16): £220 (Belgian Blue) Boulton, Berllan Dawel, Hebron.


June 2nd

J. J. Morris reports: A few more sheep, with the majority being cull ewes.

Cull ewes (338): £86, £68, £66, Davies, Troedrhiw Fach, Blaencelyn.

Store lambs (47): £79.50, Thomas, Graig, Hebron.

Ewes and lambs (42): £102, Evans, Parke, Boncath.

Hoggets (57): £40, Thomas, Gilwen, Crymych.


June 1ST

J. J. Morris reports: A good entry of prime lambs sold to a steady trade. Cull ewes sold to a steady trade. There was a good entry of cull cows.

Prime lambs (565): Overall average 199.56p/kg. Top price: 40kg, Howells, Aelybryn, 210p.

Prime hoggets (38): Overall average 167.69p/kg. Leading price: 37kg, Thomas, Hill Leys, 184p.

Cull ewes and rams (280): Ewes overall average £60. Principal price: £90, Texel, Williams, Ty Cynog.

Rams overall average £56. Leading price: £74, Henneveld, Llwyncelyn.

Ewes and lambs (13): £95, Roderick, Bank Farm.

Cull cows (25): Overall average 95.09p/kg. Leading price: Limousin, 810kg, 124p, Scurlock and sons, Solbury Farm.

Bull calves: £240, Limousinl, Evans, Waterholmes; Aberdeen Angus, £170, Howells, Manor Court.

Dairy bred bull calves: £48, Holstein Friesian, Howells, Manor Court.