A Pembrokeshire farmer’s son is hoping to secure a £50,000 entrepreneurship prize – but he needs the public to vote for him.

Harry Francis, whose father, Richard, founded the Upton Farm ice-cream business, is following in dad’s footsteps with his new business.

He makes liquid nitrogen ice cream creations, individually tailored to each customer’s design. His business, ‘Lick Me I’m Delicious’, is a contender in the final round of the Barclays ‘Take One Small Step’ competition and he stands to win £50,000. The winner is chosen by public vote so he is appealing for people to give him their backing.

“It’s like X-Factor for business,” Harry explains.

“My father is an ice cream maker and my mother is a fantastic baker. I’m combining these two skills to create delicious frozen creations, mixing ice cream with home made tasty confectionary bakery goodness and churning the whole thing with liquid nitrogen.”

Harry is now running a campaign on his blog to help secure more votes.

“Every day I’m designing, making and eating a new frozen creation on my blog www.lick meImdelicious.com,” he added.

Voting in the Barclays competition runs until June 27th, with people able to vote by text (text LICK to 62555) and online at www.takeonesmall step.co.uk.