One of Wales’ best known cheesesmakers, Caws Teifi Cheese, has added yet another title to its collection, the James Aldridge Memorial Trophy for Best British Raw Milk Cheese for its Saval cheese.

Made by John Savage-Onstwedder at his family’s farm near Llandysul, Saval was honoured by the Specialist Cheesemakers Association (SCA) at its meeting on the Isle of Mull.

The highest award in British artisan cheesemaking it was founded in 2002 by the SCA’s patron — HRH The Prince of Wales — in honour of the late raw milk cheese pioneer James Aldridge.

Saval was developed in 1999 by Caws Teifi Cheese and James Aldridge, who chose the name which is an acronym for Savage and Aldridge. A cider-washed-rind cheese with a lightly moist orange rind with an emphatic, pungent aroma it has a creamy rich yellow paste which is soft, but rarely runny.

The flavour is rich and piquant, yet delicate without too much acidity.

“I’m sure James would have been just as proud as we all are at Teifi with this award,” said Mr Savage-Onstwedder, who moved from his native Netherlands to Wales to make cheese 28 years ago.

“It is the definitive acknowledgment by one’s peers that the cheeses made by Caws Teifi Cheese are worthy of the highest award in British artisan cheesemaking.

“Again it shows that some of the best cheese in the British Isles is made right here in Wales.”

The trophy is the latest in a long line of awards Caws Teifi Cheese has received, including the Supreme Championship at the British Cheese Awards (1998 and 2005). The company is also a five time winner of the Dougal Campbell Memorial Trophy for the Best Welsh Cheese, as well as numerous World Cheese Awards gold awards and the Welsh Assembly Trophy for the Best Welsh Cheese at the 2008 World Cheese Awards.

But, said Mr Savage-Onstwedder, The James Aldridge Memorial trophy: “is the one we treasure most”.