Neyland A showed just why they are Pembrokeshire Champions with two massive wins on the opening day of the new indoor cricket campaign as they beat their C team and Lawrenny respectively by 142 runs and 127 runs.

But Indoor League organiser Peter Davies, who acted as square leg umpire in support of Neil Croucher, told us afterwards that he was pleased with the way that the games were played, which were always in the right spirit.


Neyland A (166 for 1) beat Neyland C (24 all out)

Neyland A showed their immense all-round batting strength as they amassed a sizeable score against their eager C team which was under the cosh from the outset as Paul Murray retired on 25 but returned towards the end of their ten overs and ended up with a boundary-laden 43 not out.

Patrick Bellerby was run out by Ben Mathias-Milsom for 12 but Sean Hannon, Steve Murray, Nick Koomen and Patrick Hannon all batted well before retiring.

Nick Koomen’s fast bowling soon had his C team colleagues in trouble as he bowled Callum Power and had Ben Mathias-Milsom and Jake Booth removed by some sharp work with the gloves by Paul Murray in a 3-10 spell.

Patrick Hannon claimed two cheap wickets and the C team were shot out for only 24 runs in quick time as ‘Mr Extras’ was their top scorer!

Neyland A Batting:

Paul Murray not out 43

Patrick Bellerby run out 12

Sean Hannon retired 26

Steve Murray retired 25

Nick Koomen retired 27

Patrick Hannon not out 25

Extras 8

Total (1 wicket) 166

Neyland C Bowling:

Ben Mathias-Milsom 0-45; Sam Laugharne 0-26; Jake Booth 0-31, Ian Milsom 0-31; Nathan Sutton 0-36.

Neyland C Batting:

Callum Power lbw b Nick Koomen 4

Ben Mathias-Milsom st Paul Murray b Nick Koomen 2

Jake Booth ct Paul Murray b Patrick Hannon 4

Nathan Sutton run out 0

Sam Laugharne b Patrick Hannon 0

Ian Milsom b Nick Koomen 5

Extras 9

Total (all out) 24

Neyland A Bowling:

Steve Murray 0-3; Sean Hannon 0-4; Nick Koomen 3-6; Patrick Hannon 2-2; Patrick Bellerby 0-1


Neyland (164 for 1) beat Lawrenny (37 for 5)

A special feature of this match was a splendid hat-trick by Neyland skipper Sean Hannon, who might have had four wickets in four balls but ever-alert keeper Paul Murray just failed to hold onto Ryan Morton’s edge on to the back wall as he dived forward.

It was during a bad time for Lawrenny as Rob Williams went for a golden duck to Steve Murray and then Sean Hannon bowled Patrick Elliott and Joe Kidney before Paul Murray again pouched a good catch so that all four batsmen had failed to score!

But Brad McDermott-Jenkins took time to have some batting practice as he ended up unbeaten on 24 in a disappointing Lawrenny tally of 37 for 5.

But it was Neyland’s batting which again started the rout as Paul Murray, Patrick Bellerby, Nick Koomen, Patrick Hannon and Steve Murray all scored heavily, with Sean Hannon the only relative failure as he was bowled by opposing captain Brad McDermott-Jenkins for 15.

But this second win by over three figures emphasized how strong Neyland A are going to be again this campaign.

Neyland A Batting:

Paul Murray not out 29

Patrick Bellerby retired 25

Nick Koomen retired 25

Sean Hannon b Brad McDermott-Jenkins 15

Patrick Hannon not out 23

Steve Murray retired 29

Steve Murray

Extras 17

Total (1 wicket) 164

Lawrenny Bowling:

Patrick Elliot 0-28; Ryan Morton 0-31; Brad McDermott-Jenkins 1-24; Rob Williams 0-32; Simon Cole 0-33.

Lawrenny Batting:

Rob Williams b Steve Murray 0

Patrick Elliot b Sean Hannon 0

Brad McDermott-Jenkins not out 24

Joe Kidney b Sean Hannon 0

Simon Cole ct Paul Murray b Sean Hannon 0

Ryan Morton run out 10

Extras 3

Total (5 wickets) 37

Neyland A Bowling:

Steve Murray 1-3; Sean Hannon 3-10; Nick Koomen 0-10; Patrick Bellerby 0-5; Patrick Hannon 0-9


Lawrenny (115 for 2) beat Neyland C (52 all out)

Lawrenny proved far too strong for Neyland C as they ended up victorious by 63 runs after batting first and reaching a respectable 115 for only two wickets.

Brad McDermott-Jenkins was again a key figure with an unbeaten 33 from two visits, supported by the experienced Rob Williams and Simon Cole, also undefeated with respective scores of 25 and 30 as Neyland had a wicket apiece for Jake Booth and Ben Mathias-Milsom.

In reply Neyland C had double figures by Callum Power, Jake Booth and Ian Milsom but Ryan Morton claimed 2 for 8, aided by a wicket each for Rob Williams, Simon Cole and, Patrick Elliott and McDermott-Jenkins.

Lawrenny Batting:

Ryan Morton b Ben Mathias-Milsom 12

Brad McDermott Jenkins not out 33

Patrick Elliot b Jake Booth 1

Simon Cole retired 30

Rob Williams retired 25

Joe Kidney not out 12

Extras 2

Total (2 wickets) 115

Neyland C Bowling:

Ben Mathias-Milsom 1-18; Sam Laugharne 0-26; Jake Booth 1-18; Ian Milsom 0-23; Nathan Sutton 0-31

Neyland C Batting:

Ben Mathias-Milsom b Rob Williams 0

Callum Power b Patrick Elliot 14

Jake Booth ct Patrick Elliot b Simon Cole 12

Nathan Sutton b Ryan Morton 0

Sam Laugharne b Brad McDermott-Jenkins 8

Ian Milsom b Ryan Morton 16

Extras 2

Total (all out 52)

Lawrenny Bowling:

Rob Williams 1-13; Patrick Elliot 1-17; Simon Cole 1-7; Ryan Morton 2-8; Brad McDermott-Jenkins 1-6

Umpires: Neil Croucher and Peter Davies.

Venue: Tenby Leisure Centre.