New rules on declarations, draw points and ‘free hits’ will be among the proposals to be voted on at the upcoming Pembroke County Club AGM on Wednesday, February 28th.

Amongst the notices of motion submitted, which also include slight alterations of rules involving player permits and eligibility, is a proposal from Stefan Jenkins of Cresselly designed to prevent the problem of teams being reluctant to bat first.

If passed, then teams batting second would still be able to earn draw points for getting within 50 runs of opposition as per last season – but if they failed to do that, the side batting first would get 20 points plus any bonus points picked up. If the opposition did get within 50 they would receive one point, and then an extra one for every other 10 runs closer they got (a maximum five points for being within 10 runs). However, again, the team batting first will be awarded any draw points the team chasing doesn’t pick up.

In theory, this would discourage sides from blocking out for a ‘losing draw’ simply to stop their opponents picking up a full victory.

Both Neyland Cricket Club and PCCC member Trefor Evans also suggested alterations to rules on declaring, following the controversy surrounding Carew’s game with Cresselly at the end of last season.

Neyland have proposed if the team beating second passes their target they will be awarded maximum win points regardless of the total set, whilst Trefor Evans has submitted that no side should be able to declare unless they have batted for 35 overs (Divisions One and Two), 30 overs (Divisions Three and Four), or 25 overs (Division Five).

Haverfordwest Cricket Club have proposed reducing the number of maximum overs a player can bowl in the top two divisions from 12 to either 10 or 9, and The Town have also put forward the prospect of a ‘free hit’ after a no ball is bowled in a Harrison Allen Bowl game.

Other notices of motion include barring any club to making payments to a player, including travel expenses – whilst a number of alterations to junior cricket and Ormond Youth eligibility will also be discussed.

Clubs have been asked to send at least two members each to the AGM, which will take place at Haverfordwest Cricket Club.