Things are about to change at Peter Bowen’s racing stable in Little Newcastle.

As well as producing ample winners over the summer, and both his sons Sean and James regularly entering the winners enclosure at National Hunt racecourses up and down the UK, Peter has now started his own Racing Club.

Peter Bowen Racing Club has just been launched, and it gives members an affordable horse racing syndicate without the usual risks and expense of a traditional sole or partnership ownership.

Peter told Telegraph Sport that everywhere he and wife Karen go, they are constantly asked as to why they don’t start a Racing Club, so have decided to bite the bullet.

“We have decided to give members who join up an affordable experience,” he said.

“As well as having a share in the racehorse, they will be able to attend race meetings, and be in the paddock with their horse.

“We want to create an environment where all members can visit our stables on a regular basis, have fun, and be part of a ‘family’ horse-racing experience.

“Members can also enjoy an annual Racing Club Members Day at the yard and will receive a monthly Racing Club newsletter. They will also enjoy all the latest stable news direct from the Yard.”

To begin with, the club have recruited two young horses, both with great potential. Get An Oscar is a 4-year-old filly - and Awesome Destination a 5-year-old gelding who is really beginning to mature and blossom of late.
Both horses will be ridden by Sean and James.

Sean said: “We’ve been nagging Dad to start the Racing Club, and we are excited to be part of it. Both me and James are desperate to ride the Club’s first winner!”

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