After three and a half years of writing memoirs, sounding out old players, collaborating memories and digging out newspapers in the records office – Tony Organ has completed a fascinating new book on local football.

Titled ‘Proud to be a Nomad: The History of Football in Neyland & Llanstadwell’ - the book will be launched on February 21st, and available for sale the following day.

“Originally, it was the passing of two local football stalwarts that inspired me to look into the history more and write a book,” Tony told Telegraph Sport.

“First we lost Des Davies who in the 40s was so important to the purple patch of our youth side – winning the Wiltshire Cup two years in a row as well as the first ever Youth League in Pembrokeshire.”

“He was an outstanding player who went on to play in the English Leagues.

“And Brian Arran who played for Neyland and served in so many roles, and was our President in the early 2000’s. All four of his brothers also played for the club.”

Tony’s detailed research dates back as far as 1899, and he explains he took a ‘three pronged’ approach in ensuring he accumulated as much detail as possible.

“Firstly there was my own memories which date back over 50 years.

“But I talked to survivors from the 40s and 50s and so many other different players from different eras.

“And then there were the long weekend hours spent in the record office in Haverfordwest looking up any old local football articles I could related to Neyland and Llanstadwell.”

The foreword has been written by Ian Walsh, the former Welsh international who originally hailed from St Davids and Solva before a stellar professional career.

But for Tony, has the hard work been worth it?

“I once ran a marathon and afterwards I said I was so glad that I did, but never again.

“I was reminded of that feeling when I finished this book.”