When you've trekked 186 miles in under three days - what's 10 minutes?

Well to Owen Evans last month that period of time meant everything, as that was the margin by which he completed one of Pembrokeshire's most epic challenges, the Marathon des Cotes.

The Man-up UK event started off 4am on the first day at St Dogmaels with the briefing given by Richard Simpson, the only previous entrant to complete the challenge. Owen, from Little Haven, was joined by a competitor from Holland in attempting to complete the whole coast path before the cut off point of 68 hours.

Injury put paid to the latter's challenge but after a roller coaster and emotional three days, Owen became only the second person ever to finish the race as he made the finish line near Amroth in 67 hours 50 minutes.

And the man himself, who has vast experience in endurance events, described it as "an ultimate test of strength and spirit."

However, he insists he always believed he would make it.

"The only doubt I had was whether I'd make it to the start line. From there on it was never anything but complete faith in my own belief.

"It's by far the toughest event I've ever done."

And organisers were full of praise for Owen's extreme effort.

"He cut it fine but he came through a hell of a few days and it was great to be involved in it," said Fintan Godkin, of Man-up UK.

"Our biggest worry was he had a lot of friends who had come down to see him finish - and we wanted him to get there in time for them as well as himself.

"It's a really tough thing to do. You get minimal sleep and it's nutrition what keeps you going but Owen was a true warrior."

There was also an option to do a day long 'stand alone ultra marathon' - and Helen Platel and Sanna Duthie ran the mere 52.5 miles from Monkton to Amroth on day three in 10 hours 21 minutes.

There was also a relay option and Team Cemais, based in Fishguard, took this up on day one as three members shared the 66.6 miles from St Dogmaels to Caerfai and together clocked 15 hours 33 mins.

And Fintan confirmed the event would run again next year, with plans to open it out to more entrants and teams.