The plan was always to March some miles in May – just not 15,000.

An idea born out of a quick WhatsApp conversation instigated by Neyland cricketer Gavin Rowland resulted in an epic community effort last month.

Rowland suggested to Athletic Club steward Jonny Sutton that members of the Neyland cricket, rugby, football, bowls, and rika clubs should undertake the challenge of walking and running the length of the UK coastline (11,073 miles) between them.

Young journalist Tom Pritchard came on board as the official ‘number cruncher’, and he was kept busy by an event which saw toddlers in push chairs to residents over 70 years old taking part.

In fact, the original challenge was completed with a week of May left, so the challenge was extended to incorporate the coastline of Ireland and eventually the mileage exceeded 15,000 miles.

Overall, 46 people completed half marathons, many of which weren’t too keen on exercise pre-May, 15 did full marathons with seven of those going even further and completing 30 mile ultra-marathons.

It was the father and son duo of Kevin and Jack Rogers who led the single distance charts with a huge 41.19 miler on the last day, but heading the overall chart was well known Neyland character Andrew ‘Moley’ Cole with more than 390 miles.

In total 46 members of the group hit over 100 miles, a further four hit 200 miles, with five making the  300 club.

So far, more than £1700 has been raised with sponsorship to be split between five charities with local links - Sandy Bear, VC Gallery, DAPS, Roko20 Academy and the Paul Sartori Foundation.

Rowland himself said: "We were amazed by the level of commitment and community spirit. It became bigger than we ever expected but people put the effort in every single day.

“Adults, children and families got out and put one foot in front of the other and went for it. People who hadn't walked, run, or gone on a family walk for such a long time made the effort and really enjoyed it which apart from raising funds for some fantastic charities, was the most pleasing thing for us. Quality time together is something special.”

Indeed, many would meet fellow club members on the roads, or the lanes, as they went along.

“Being able to look forward to going out each day and bump into fellow walkers and runners, and say a social distance hello, has helped so many people. It’s a fantastic community to be a part of and well done to everyone.”

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