Owen Duggan has seen the fall and rise of Fishguard Sports in the last 20 years – and the current Chairman has done a huge amount to help get the club back into Division One.

They look set to stay there for the foreseeable future as well, and all at the club will agree Duggan is one of the unsung heroes when it comes to club volunteers in Pembrokeshire football.

But he had to do some uncomfortable thinking when asked to name the best Fishguard squad since 2000. So much so in fact, that he couldn’t actually finalise a starting XI.

“Following discussions with Brian Kinsella, we have selected our squad,” he told us.

“In our opinion these are the most influential players in the club in terms of survival, rebuilding from Division Four to Two, then winning the Championship in the second tier which took us back to the top flight for the first time since 2002.

“Before I start I have to say that there are key absentees from this list, who played up until the demise in 2002. The likes of Rob Hughes and Carl Woodhouse, Barry Hayes, and later on Tom Billing, Paul Luke and Clive Marshallsay.

“All of these could have featured, but in the main we have focused on the new kids on the block.

“This is a task that I will honestly say I haven’t enjoyed, as in the main as I do not like singling people out. It’s a team effort.

“So I’ve not picked a team or subs because no one likes being on the bench – just named a squad.”


Dean has got to be one of the most improved goalkeepers in Division One, and over a short period of time has become a vital player in our current squad. Dean joined back after a spell in Goodwick where he won the Senior Cup, and after a few injuries in the past we are hoping he can now have a long spell at our club.



Patrick is a hugely committed player. He assists with the coaching and plays week in week out, even through injury. It’s remarkable that he is still playing after a very nasty leg break for Goodwick which required extensive surgery. Very good in the air and reads the game well.


Griffo played for us twice, in the late 90s and then the mid-2000s. He was a natural defender, hated losing and very strong. He organised the back four really well and in his second spell, also helped us in midfield.


Signing Chunky was a huge bonus for the club. To sign a player who had experienced that treble win with Goodwick made us confident about sealing promotion to Division One. A tough tackler, fantastic in the air and a good attitude.



Billy is one of three players with the current squad to enjoy three promotions. My selection as captain as he was skipper last season to bring us back up to Division One. Billy is a very fit player, one of the fittest in our squad. I think he’s one of the fastest defenders in the league with the longest throw as well. A nice guy and a credit to the club.


Deano Boswell was my agent in this deal - he rang me to tell me a very good Solva defender had bought a house in Fishguard! Ali and myself have been good friends ever since, and I was hugely grateful when he stepped in after I stopped managing the team after many years. I always speak openly about how crucial signing Ali was given the support he gave some of the younger players in the team. Ali is a very good centre half, reads the game well and very strong in the air. His experience was crucial to get us moving back up the leagues.



In 2012 when I was manager we presented Niall with all four awards at our annual dinner, easy for me to remember on the night! In that year he played sweeper and he has now moved into midfield. He reads the game so well, and his pinpoint passing and superb freekicks have got him a lot of goals and assists. A talented young player with plenty of seasons ahead of him.


In 2011 Ricky joined us following a Senior Cup win with Goodwick – and we immediately made him captain. Without his input, training, leadership and hard work we wouldn’t have pulled ourselves out of the lower divisions. He was a great help to me in the changing rooms and on the pitch. He hated losing, which is what I really liked. He is still annoyed he missed one penalty for the club, and is highly respected by teammates.


One of my best mates and played for us after a lot of persuading! Played in difficult times when things were difficult and gave us a good few seasons. Nicknamed ‘the hammer’ as he was the hard man of the team. Another leader and very good footballer - not a surprise given he came from such a talented sporting family.


Lewis has played for us over two spells and when he returned back from Goodwick, it was a huge boost for the club. His experience has been crucial and as overcome some nasty knee injuries to help get us back to Division One. He has been the engine in the team and is very good in the air. Lewis is very ambitious and always spoke openly about wanting to play back in Division One. A very committed trainer who always plays with a smile on his face – but I have given up telling him not to get booked.


One of the most pleasing aspects of this story is he has played all the way through the ranks since under 8s. Danny is our most promising player, very fit and strong and a very good attacking force for us. He’s a very nice lad, always gives 100%, and has a very good understanding of the game. Is supported every week by his father.




Out of everyone on the list, Steve is that ‘first on the team sheet’ pick for me, due to the commitment, ability and goals scored each season. Steve gets us over 20 goals in most campaigns, played in three promotion squads and is still very fit - so should still have plenty of seasons left. A nice attitude on and off the pitch, and always willing to help with other tasks in the club.


Carl was a natural goal scorer and unfortunately work commitments has taken him away, Carl could play on the wing or up front, very good finisher, very fast and had some good partnerships. Again most seasons would be in the mix for top goal scorer.


Ben was scouted by Watford and unfortunately after a couple of weeks there his trial had to end due to illness. Probably one of the most skilful players I have seen in the Pembrokeshire league, since my time at the club he has been my favourite player to watch as he could do some unbelievable things.


Arwel was a real asset to us in Division Four and then Three. One of the few players who was also with us in 2002, when things were quite tough. Usually in the awards on most annual dinners, very strong and fast, scored 20-30 goals in the latter seasons, enjoyed two promotions and hung his boots up far too early in my opinion.


Danny is our ‘wildcard’ pick. Yes, he hasn’t been with us long, but he has made a big impact. Scored some cracking goals – in particular the thunderbolt to beat James Gwilt (difficult on any day) in extra time in the Senior Cup this year. Very comfortable on the ball and it’s tough to get the ball off him. Looking forward to seeing more of him.



Not really a hard decision here. I have to say anyone who has managed the club since the 80s and 90s would have a hard act to follow in John Luke - the best manager the club has had. I have to also give a special mention to Darren Turner who I assisted for a few seasons - the players have fond memories of his days and still talk about them now.

Brian and Jammer have managed this side very well, we were falling close in Division Two but they strengthened the team and got us back to Division One after a long exodus. They both have a nice way about running the side - they are very honest with the players and are also very close to them.

I have to say over the past 20 years, whatever league or situation we have found ourselves in the ‘hwyl’ has always been strong. That is hugely important and is what keeps me going as Chairman.