Haverfordwest Cricket Club - A ‘select XI’

Ben Field had a job to pick a select XI at Haverfordwest Cricket Club but his insight provides a really interesting read.

Unsurprisingly, he has not selected himself, although a number of others in the club would have done so!

Simon Holliday (Doc):

In my opinion ‘The Doc’ is the best all-round cricketer to have played in Pembrokeshire in that time. His ability to score relentlessly, often with big hundreds, over such a sustained period of time is remarkable – and he is also a very useful left-arm spin bowler who can be relied upon to pick up key wickets.

The Doc is a match winner with an amazing passion for the game. A decent set of hands as well but tough to move him from the slip area these days!

Danny Potter (Potts):

Danny has been a long serving cricketer for the club, captaining the side for a record seven seasons, winning lots of silverware along the way. He’s moved around the top order in recent years but I believe he is at his best when opening the batting. When he’s on his game he’s got every shot in the book and has the ability to bat in all forms of the game. Also a great tactician and serious competitor.

Steven Phillips (Shifty):

I didn’t get the opportunity to play too many games with Shifty, but always knew just how naturally gifted he was. The first man to score a hundred in the Harrison Allen final, in an era when scoring hundreds was seriously uncommon! Shifty was a brilliant all-rounder, a canny medium pace bowler who raced through his overs and arguably the best fielder of his generation. Enjoyed a good social as well so makes my team for that alone! 

Karl Rhead (Reggie/Steptoe):

Reggie was a fantastic middle order batsman for the club, and was vice-captain for many years as well. Could bat in all formats and never gave his wicket away. An all-round sportsman (so he tells me) and a brilliant fielder. As a youngster I remember him fielding in running spikes to make him that little bit faster in the field. A great tactician and also enjoys a good social, although getting a round out of him is as tough as getting him out!

Dai Davies (Dapper):

Dapper is a great competitor, possibly the most competitive cricketer I’ve ever played with. A brilliant all-rounder who thrives on the big stage, winning Man of the Match awards in all the major finals. Dapper is another one who really prizes his wicket and just loves to tell me how often I ‘give it away’! He’s a great fielder and a decent medium pace bowler, another who enjoys a long haul social.

Phil Kirby (Kirks):

I grew up playing cricket with Kirks and watched him become one of the best all-rounders of his generation. A left handed batsman who on his day could destroy any bowling attack, scoring to all parts of the ground. He developed into a brilliant medium pace bowler, moving the ball both ways. Still a stalwart of the club and yet another who enjoys a good social.

Adam James (Jamer):

Jamer is a real character and a seriously gifted cricketer. An all-rounder who opens the bowling at very good pace and can bat anywhere he’s needed. Not one for training, but when you’re as naturally talented as Adam it doesn’t appear to matter. His batting performance in last year’s Harrison Allen Final, scoring 80+ in both innings in no time at all after being out injured for weeks before, was literally unbelievable! I love the way Jamer plays his cricket; its heart on the sleeve stuff, and then forgets all about it straight after! A real match winner and another who loves a good social after a game.

Paul Thomas (Thomo):

Thomo was one of the best all-rounders I ever played with or against. A sharp bowler off a short run who bowled a particularly vicious length. Paul was also a good quality middle order batman with a fantastic set of hands in the field. Thomo could easily rival me for the most injuries award!

Nick Dyer:

I only played a handful of games with Nick but his all-round ability and knowledge for the game were outstanding. A Scottish international spin bowler who claimed wickets in a World Cup, who successfully captained the club. Nick was also more than handy with the bat. I would love to have been captained by Nick to pick his brain and learn from a real student of the game.

Huw Scriven (Scrivs):

Scrivs is good mate of mine, and I wouldn’t ever tell him this in person but I’ve no doubt that he’s the best wicket keeper I’ve ever played with or against! I honestly believe if he could bat he’d have gone a long way (sorry Huw!)! A real clubman, captaining the club for six years  and winning plenty of silverware within that time. Loves an appeal, ‘but only when they’re out’. A great cricketer who also loves a social.

Adi Griff (Griff / The Duke):

A Welsh International seam bowler and strong middle-order batsman, and arguably one of the most successful captains in the club’s history. Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to be captained by Griff but from those I’ve spoken to he was a great tactician and brilliant with his man-management skills, often needed with a few of the socialites mentioned above!

12th Men:

Ajay Revu:

Ajay was an outstanding cricketer and in truth is very unlucky to not make my starting lineup. He bowled left arm spin at a rapid pace, turning the ball sideways. He was also a talented batsman who played with a real Asian flair. Unfortunate that he wasn’t at the club for longer but moved with his commitments as a doctor, but a real character and top bowler.

Clive Tucker (Tucks):

Tucks is another one who can count himself unlucky to miss out. A real club stalwart, playing in the first team for what seems like a lifetime. An accurate right arm spin bowler who often tops the clubs averages. Tucks is gentleman of the game but also a real competitor. Very precious about his number 11 berth in the batting line-up and loves a good kip in the changing rooms!

Nearly Men:

Gareth Davies (Caddy):

Caddy was only with the club for a short period but a high quality all-rounder, left arm spin bowler and top order batsman. I’d love to see him back playing!

Ian Williams:

Ian, son of current Club President Stuart Williams, was a quality all-rounder in his day. A left arm seam bowler and middle order batsman. Another one who finished the game too early with plenty still left in the tank.

If I was pushed to select a skipper I’d probably go with either Nick Dyer or Adi Griff because I’d love to see how they manage the game, but seeing as I can only go for one I’ll make Potts my skipper!  

There’s loads of experience in the team and plenty of fighting spirit too. I’ve also picked. lots of ex-captains as well as the current club captain – with plenty of match winners to choose from.

I apologise to anyone I haven’t selected, but they can join me in the team to play against this lot and probably hammer them!