If you've ever been curious about what all your favourite artists sound like grouped together then you are in luck. 

As Spotify has launched a new feature called Supergrouper that lets users create their own supergroup of your favourite artists. 

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In other terms, the fun feature lets you create the band of your dreams and you even get to choose the name.

Whether your dream band is made up of Stevie Nicks, Miley Cryus, David Bowie, or Drake, the choice is yours and it's easy to make.

How to use Supergrouper on Spotify:

If you want to make your supergroup then all you need to do is head to Spotify's homepage and see a banner that says Supergrouper. 

Then click on the banner and it will let you choose home many artists you want in the group with the choice of three to five. 

After you've chosen the amount, you will be given categories to slot the artist into.

The categories are The Up-And-Comer, The Producer, The Lyricist, The Wildcard, and The Lead.

Or if you'd rather you can also randomise the group and let Spotify make the decision for your Supergroup. 

Then it will create a new playlist just for you and you'll be able to save it to your library and enjoy endless amounts of your favourite acts.