Dear Madam,

It seems like only yesterday we were listening to the November Radio Caroline North weekend link with Manx Radio!

It happens all over again on the 09th/10th of December.

From the Radio Caroline studios aboard the radio ship, Ross Revenge, enjoy two days of musical memories from the 1960s through to the early 1990s.

The programmes begin at 10:30am on Saturday until 9pm on Sunday and hopefully the generators will run faultlessly this time or at least someone on board will know where the spare diesel is!

It wouldn't be Radio Caroline if things went according to plan . 

Tune in on 1368khz MW AM,648Khz MW AM, Smart speakers,mobile phone streaming and DAB in some areas to the enthusiastic presenters who give their time for free to create the atmosphere of how radio presenting should be in the UK.

Thank you.


Kevin Davies

Simpson Cross