A gig and CD in aid of the charity Missing Wales has been put together by Pembrokeshire College students.

During their final year, the National Diploma music technology students spent months recording a CD to launch at the gig as well as organising performances, sound equipment and marketing.

The concert is being held at the Merlin Theatre in Pembrokeshire College on Wednesday, March 14th, at 12pm.

The 72-minute-long CD - Creative Minds - features DJs, solo artists and local bands, including some performers who attend the college, and will be on sale at the gig at a cost of £5.

The line-up for the gig features DJ RUK, Joe Tempo, Session Head, Winch House Cutie, Devices Need Electric and Monty Pirates.

The student's lecturer, Jim Outram, said: "The CD launch gives the students the opportunity to organise their own event, arranging everything from advertisements to setting up the equipment and the bands.

"Some of the students want to be performers and other want to be behind the scene, this course gives them a chance to do everything."

The first band is expected to go on at 12.30pm and the entire gig is expected to last between three and a half and four hours.

Music technology student, Jes Holcroft, who is performing at the gig with his band Devices Need Electric, commented: "I'm just looking forward to it. It will be really good to do something for charity and to get a crowd in for an afternoon gig."

His classmate, Kristian Purcell, added: "We really want it to be successful. We started recording back in September and we began organising the gig in January. It has been stressful, but we all left it to the last minute, like students do."

Entry to the event costs £3 but a special package deal will be on offer where you can get entry and a CD for £7.

Doors open at 12pm at the Merlin Theatre, the first band is expected on at 12.30pm, for more information contact Merlin Theatre on 01437 765247.