‘SOMEPLACE Else’ is the latest novel from Cilgerran writer Jan Steer set in a run-down desert town in America.

The year is 1938. A mysterious car dumps the delicious Angie Reeves in the road. Laurie Price offers help but Angie is tougher than he realised, far tougher than the hoods who snatch her back and the fascist gang whose sole wish is to deal in death.

Together they take them on but how could they know what secrets the desert held? The road towards the story’s conclusion is a winding one. Nobody is who he or she appears to be and the tale is peppered with deceits and false trails.

Laurie tells his story in a no-nonsense way that keeps the reader guessing until all is revealed in an explosive conclusion.

“I wanted to create a good adventure story for everyone to enjoy and not just a boys own yarn,” says Jan.

“The feedback I’m receiving has all been positive so maybe I did get it right.”

‘Someplace Else’ is available from Amazon books, Kindle and Lulu.

Jan, a retired podiatrist and Royal Naval war veteran, could have been glimpsed with his lovely wife Jenni riding on the Rheidol railway both attired in authentic 1920s styles as part of the railway’s recent 95th year celebrations.

“Great fun and we met some lovely folks” he says “but now it’s business as usual and I’m back at my writing desk.

Another of Jan’s novels will be released early next year and presently he is working on a third plus a volume of short stories.