Mysterious underground rumblings are shaking the Lego® world.

The heroic Power Miners are busy battling to protect the world from the mischievous rock monsters who are gorging themselves on the magic crystals and becoming ever more powerful.

Armed with the ultimate underground attack vehicles, the Power Miners are able to rip apart granite and rock monsters with the massive titanium claws of the awesome Claw Digger (£14.99). Working hard to mine the crystals before the monsters can cause more havoc, the Claw Digger includes one neon green rock monster and Power Miner minifigure.

The rock monsters will stop at nothing to get the crystals for themselves. Only the colossal Crystal Sweeper (£39.99) with its spinning sweeper, moveable drill and motorcycle can keep one step ahead of the gobbling rock monsters and mine the crystals first. The Crystal Sweeper includes a rock monster catapult, two rock monsters and two Power Miner minifigures.

Working quickly to save mankind from the crystal-hungry rock monsters, the Power Miners rely on their powerful Thunder Driller (£19.99) which grinds rock to dust with its planetary spinning drill head.

The Thunder Driller includes one orange rock monster and two Power Miner minifigures.

Lego Power Miners play sets are available now from all good toy stores.

Presspack has one set of Power Miners goodies, including a Claw Digger, Thunder Driller and Crystal Sweeper to give away to one very lucky Presspacker. To be in with a chance of winning, just unscramble these words, which are all something to do with the Power Miners.


Send your answers, along with your name, age, address and Presspack number to the usual address.

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