Do you know Skips from Hula Hoops, or Penguin Books from Penguin biscuits? These days, we are all aware of brands, all around us.

The new Logo board game from Drumond Park (RRP £29.99) test how clever you are at recognising well known products and their logos, along with knowledge questions based on hundreds of the best loved products and organisations to be found in the UK. This can be anything from Aero Bubbles, Bird’s Eye, Chelsea Football Club and BMW, to Walkers crisps and Wrigley’s gum.

There are 400 cards in three categories - 200 pictorial, 100 themed and 100 ‘pot luck’. Each picture card features full or part logo images to identify, coupled with lots of questions relating to each brand.

Gameplay is straightforward and speedy. Each round, the players are asked four questions about the logo or product pictured. For every correct answer, the player moves his or her piece around the coloured board.

Absolutely anyone, any age, will love this great new game.

Presspack has four copies of the Logo board game to give away to members.

To be in with a chance of winning, answer this question: What colour is a packet of Walkers salt and vinegar crisps?

Send your answer, plus your name, age, full address and Presspack number to the usual address: Presspack, Western Telegraph, Old Hakin Road, Merlins Bridge, Haverfordwest, Sa61 1XF.

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