Enter the world of LEGO® Games where you are the master of your own game play! Build the game, play the game then change the format using the pieces and build-able dice to create a whole new challenge!

Players aged five and over can experience LEGO® as never seen before. With a unique dice that you can build upon using different coloured tiles to adapt to each game, there is a game to suit each skill level and budget, testing luck, strategy and logic.

‘Ewe’’ll be put to the ultimate test with the new Shave A Sheep game (£7.99). Each sheep has a trip to the baaa-rbers as you attempt to beat your opponents to collect the biggest pile of wool! The trick is to stockpile your wool while your enemies try to scare the wool off your sheep using the big bad wolf!

Experience an ‘out of this world’ game playing experience in UFO Attack (£7.99) and be the first to collect the most resources to take back to your home planet. The first to collect seven rocket modules wins the game. But be warned - there are extra terrestrial terrors that await to hinder you in your quest.

The heat is on with Magma Monster (£9.99) as you attempt to build a safe path across the molten lava field to defeat the terrifying guardian of the treasure. Avoid the lava wall, flying bats and watch out as your opponents attempt to move the monster to intercept you in your death-defying dash!

Ooh-ar me hearties! Settle in for swashbuckling high-jinks on the high seas in Pirate Plank (£9.99) as you are pitted against your opponents in trying to be the last crew member to fall from the dreaded plank into the shark-infested waters below!

The dice will control your moves along the plank and the game can be adapted to devise more daring manoeuvres to outwit your enemies and the cruel ship’s captain!

Presspack has one copy of each of the games to give away. Two lucky winners will receive two games.

To be in with a chance of winning, can you name two of the LEGO games?

The new LEGO Games collection is available from leading retailers nationwide from March 2010. For further information, visit: games.lego.co.uk. * LEGO and the LEGO logo are trademarks of the LEGO Group. ©2010 The LEGO Group.