AT any one time in Pembrokeshire there are about 150 children and young people who for one reason or another can not live at home. The local authority has a number of trained and willing foster carers who support these young people through difficult times. This can be one of the most harrowing times of their lives and the right support can work wonders.

Pembrokeshire Foster Carers Association was created by carers to raise funds to provide that little extra support that you and I may find usual in our homes and to support carers when things get awkward which can happen, but for these children it can be something special.

Each carer is committed to these children and some have been doing this for years and it has become a vocation.

It is not all horror stories and amongst the heartache there is a huge amount of positives that make our work well worth it, especially when a child goes home and any problems have been resolved.

If you do have children or young people for a long time they really do become part of the family and that link never ends. That is why if you have ever thought of fostering and would like more information please contact Pembrokeshire County Council who will advise you of the process.

If you know anyone who fosters and you are interested then talk to them and ask for their first hand experiences, My telephone number is 01348 872024 or if you wish I can pass you on to another member of the committee who will be more than happy to discuss their experience with you.

The rewards are many and all the training is provided for you to be able to do your task.


Chairman Pembrokeshire Foster Carers Association