A letter from L J Jenkins, Gwbert, Cardigan.

Dear Editor,

As I write on this calm August morn at 10.20am, on August 9th, Gridwatch tells us that whilst the UK is using 30440MW , thousands of UK wind turbines, on land and sea, are only generating 8 per cent or 2550 Megawatts [MW].

Gas-fired power stations [CCGT] are the main UK suppliers with 10,700MW [35pc], whilst nuclear provides 4110MW [14pc]. Solar energy provides 5920 MW [19 pc] because it is sunny [hooray] and August...... but that will be AWOL this evening!!

Fast forward to a calm, frosty, winter's night around 2035, with deep snow on the ground.

Twenty foot icicles [not kidding] will be hanging from the static 260 ft blades of 820 ft monster wind turbines, and fields of solar panels will be covered in pillows of deep snow.

Meanwhile, maybe around 40 million electric vehicles [EVs] will need 200,000MW to be available from the Grid for two hours a day for a partial charge ,at 5kW, just to travel around 30 miles each!!

Pretty as a picture! No electricity .........but who needs it when we can have UK-wide hypothermia in freezing, dark homes instead..........plus a wrecked economy, of course!!?

One reason Welsh carbon emissions have dropped is that we have closed high energy users at Llanwern Steelworks and Anglesey Aluminium and cut back production in Port Talbot steelworks. Wales is being de-industrialised whilst its public sector keeps growing.

Finally, may I ask Minister Julie James a question, please? If 'Ynni Cymru' is going to miraculously power Wales 100 per cent with renewables by 2035, does that mean you are going to close the newish state-of-the-art CCGT gas-fired power station at Pembroke which generates 2200MW whilst Wales currently uses only 1598MW according to your Government statistics?

What EXACTLY is Pembroke CCGT, in the extreme west, powering, please?

Yours faithfully, L J Jenkins, Gwbert, Cardigan.