Dear Editior

All conventional power stations (including nuclear fission) employ gas turbines to turn the rotor of the generators. But how many readers fully appreciate that the efficient CCGT Gas-Fired Power Station makes use of gas to create a gas to turn their turbines?

Of course, the gas that drives the turbines is steam being produced from boiling water as a result of burning natural gas. The CCGT power station is far more efficient and less polluting than a coal-fired station.

This begs the question why UK Government has not pursued a policy of feeding pre-heated water to CCGT power plants making them even more environmentally friendly! If a geo-thermal well was drilled in the vicinity of the power station, the heated water would ensure far less natural gas being burnt in producing steam.

Ground temperature increases with depth from 300C at 1 kilometre to 1500C at 5 kilometres. Therefore, why are the government and wind companies spending billions on weather dependent and unreliable large scale wind and terrestrial solar generation - would it be because of the vast profits to be made, thus encouraging wind companies to dangle monetary carrots, in one form or another, for their acceptance?

Pre-heating the water for power plants in the 21st Century is not fiction, any more than generating electricity from Orbital Space Stations. What a dated and woefully technically ignorant Government that allows profiteering from limited and unpredictable energy sources.

In Wales, the situation is even more derisible with countryside and coastal scenery wrecking on-shore and off-shore wind farms - floating wind farms in the Celtic Sea beggars belief, especially when Wales does not need this electricity.

Perhaps Jennifer Pride, head of energy delivery, Welsh Government, would be kind enough to write to this respected newspaper explaining the rationale behind the thinking and actions of the Welsh Government - as far as I can discern there is absolutely no sense at all in their inane energy policies!

Dave Haskell, Brithdir, Cardigan