Traffic lights short term but a roundabout is required.

Nash Fingerpost Junction has to be one of the most notorious accident black spots in Pembrokeshire. Highly dangerous and scary due to the speed of passing traffic and the low approach dip in the road. Limited space in the centre reservation (only space for one oil tanker) makes the crossing hazardous and risky. At night the lack of street lighting does not help. In poor visibility such as fog, rain, mist, the junction is a real challenge and not for the faint hearted! In such poor conditions you take your life into your hands making the crossing. Surely all our public roads should be safe?

Traffic lights are only a temporary solution while negotiations for purchasing land and planning for a roundabout go ahead. Understandable these things do take time. (But remember many years have already gone by and there has been loss of life). The traffic light suggestion was to make the junction safer and save lives. The lights are better than nothing! 

There are other successful traffic lights further along the same road at Bush Hill junction, Pembroke Dock. Temporary traffic lights would at least make the Finger post safe. I encourage people to think again - for a life saved is better than one lost! But I agree with the majority a roundabout is the answer to this problem. The sooner it is built the better for Pembrokeshire.

Therefore, I appeal to the powers above to truly make this matter an urgent priority otherwise there will be more loss of life and sadness.

The Revered Michael Brotherton MBE BD Hons,