Dear Editor,

I've just driven past the Preseli TV transmitting mast, in mid-Pembrokeshire (next to the Tenby/Cardigan road], in the dark.

That mast is a non-revolving single narrow structure and is 772ft in height. It has five sets of interspaced, flashing red lights along its length to provide urgent warning to any flying aircraft, including police helicopters and air ambulances.

Now, Scotland's Bute Energy are proposing to erect up to 400 wind turbines - a gargantuan 760 ft to 820 feet in height- in 22 separate wind farms across Wales.

So, many of them will be taller than the Preseli TV mast. However, they will also be revolving, with diameters - blade tip to blade tip - of 520 ft. which is more than the height of Blackpool Tower!

The swept area, or turning circle, of each of these gargantuan revolving machines will be five acres ,or two football pitches.

Of course, if the Preseli TV mast must be lit, then logically, all 400 revolving wind turbines by Bute Energy - plus others by Belltown Energy and Galileo Energy above Lampeter, plus RWE on Mynydd Hiraethog, Denbighshire plus Irish Government-owned Coriolis at Bryn Wind Farm, Maesteg. -must all be lit 24/7, because low cloud and thick mists can descend in minutes in the Welsh hills!

Wales is only 8,015 square miles in area. If we have 500 or so gigantic new, revolving well-lit wind turbines in future, the Welsh hills will resemble a giant fairground!

So much for George Borrow's "Wild Wales"- R.I.P. !!!

Yours faithfully,

L J Jenkins, Gwbert,