Dear Editor

Perhaps we should all consider starting a business in Scotland and in particular generating electricity from the wind.

Indeed, at a recent tea party, Alice was amazed at hearing Scottish wind farms were paid and shared a grand total of £275m in 2023 for – wait for it – switching off their wind generators at times of high wind and/or low demand, or at times when the grid did not have enough capacity to accommodate the power that was being generated.

The Mad Hatter added gleefully that at the end of the day, the cost would be added to bills of households and business owners, saying it was a jolly good wheeze getting the naive and gullible to pay.

At this point the dormouse was laughing so much he spilt his tea and fell off his chair at the suggestion of the Mad Hatter being thought mad.

I never thought that in the 21st Century I would ever be writing such bizarre words, but such is the limitation of those who are responsible for the UK energy strategy and the general lack of engineering knowledge, that we have come to such a sorry state. Especially when the solution is so straightforward - but of course requires engineering knowledge and common sense.

Quite simply our current energy strategy should be predominantly modern efficient gas-fired power stations complimented with hydro and tidal schemes, until realistic and environmentally acceptable generation is available.

Noting that gas-fired power stations could become more environmentally acceptable if fed with pre-heated geothermal water – if only the Romans were still in Bath so as to teach politicians a thing or two!

Yours sincerely

Dave Haskell, Brithdir, Cardigan