Dear Editor

I am writing to let your readers know that Macmillan Cancer Support has updated its ‘Your Cancer Care in Wales’ information booklet.

This handy booklet is available in both Welsh and English, as well as Braille and in large print.

It aims to help people living with cancer, and people caring for someone with a cancer diagnosis, to understand what information and support is available to them. It is for people who live in Wales, wherever you have your treatment.

This leaflet includes questions you can ask your healthcare team, some tips to help you at appointments, a helpful glossary, and spaces for you to make notes and write down any other questions you have.

There are direct QR code links to available Macmillan support such as our Macmillan Buddies Support service or to our Macmillan BUPA specialist counselling service. There is also information on how to access our Macmillan benefits and financial information advisors.

You can download a version of ‘Your Cancer Care in Wales' from or simply collect one from our Macmillan Cancer Information and Support Centres.

You can search for your nearest centre using our website link - Local Dashboard Choose Location - Macmillan Cancer - Macmillan Cancer Support .

Braille and large print versions of this information leaflet are free and available on request by calling the Macmillan Support Line on 0800 808 0000.

Cancer can affect your life in so many ways, at Macmillan Cancer Support we do whatever it takes to give people the support they need.

Yours faithfully

 Fiona Evans

 Macmillan Engagement Lead - North Wales and Powys