Dear Editor

Like many of your readers,  I have a great dislike for wind farms in our wonderful Welsh countryside. Far out to sea I’ve no problem, but not on land, please.

Social media is wonderful for sharing experiences with like-minded people from north to south Wales. We must all fight on. The best pages on Facebook I have found are “Re-think, don’t break the heart of Wales”, “Cymru wind farm information” and “STOP onshore wind turbines Cymru” as well as other pages dedicated to individual developments (there is a protest group for EVERY wind farm), and the people are great .

Just recently a new group has appeared “Welsh wind turbines”, except this is full of absolute fanatics from Australia, Canada and the USA, who for some reason are concerned about wind farms in Wales. Some of them claim to be from Wales, but seem to have fake profiles!

I smell a rat! I think this group has been set up by a wind farm developer (Bute Energy have the most applications) to discredit the image of those of us who have genuine concerns and a desire to protect the Welsh countryside I advise your readers to approach with caution!

Yours sincerely

Dewi (Gwynt) Jones

Llangefni, Ynys Môn