A letter from Lyn Jenkins, Gwbert, Cardigan

Dear Editor,

It states online: "Wales has 1.2 GW of onshore wind today and much more under development. With 730 MW of offshore wind, and a plan to develop 4.5 GW of floating wind in the Celtic Sea by 2035, the Welsh Government wants renewables to provide 100% of Wales' electricity by 2035."

Therefore, does that mean the Welsh Government will insist on closing the state-of-the-art CCGT gas-fired power station at Pembroke, which was only opened in 2011?

That efficient plant generates 2200MW, whilst Wales only uses 1598MW in total,on average. In other words, Pembroke CCGT generates far more than Wales uses!

Since Pembroke is in the extreme west of Wales, it follows that every wind turbine in Wales -.and every field of solar panels -must be supplying England.

So, is it the Government plan to close Pembroke's efficient, very reliable gas-fired power station?

To see how intermittent UK wind energy is, just check the UK 2023 wind energy graph on Gridwatch.co.uk . It resembles stalagmites!

Do readers realise that thousands of container size 'batteries' are paid for, by us consumers, to be on stand-by 24/7, for when the wind drops.....so as to top up the National Grid? Check Green Frog Power to see what's going on!

Green Frog Power even use gas - a fossil fuel -.to fill the gaps for wind!

The situation's truly farcical; completely illogical.  People have no idea of the immense costs of this 'green energy' farrago!

Yours faithfully,

L J Jenkins, Gwbert, Cardigan.